So I have a bukkit server. I have hamachi. I can't afford a regular server, and also due to being in college, I doubt I can port forward.

Anyway, on this server I have two plugins, WorldEdit, for fast building, and Voxelsniper, for terraforming.

What I am requesting is help creating a huge, I mean HUGE map. This is going to be enormous. It is medieval themed.

The center of the map has the main castle city. This will be thhe biggest city and have the biggest castle. In each of the four main directions is smaller castle cities, and interspersed throughout the kingdom are yet again smaller towns.

This will be a big project, and can't do it alone. I have already planned out the map, so I know what it looks like. I just need help.

The first order of business is creating the landmarks, like mountains and lakes, and mapping out the sizes of all the cities and towns, and place in all the paths.

Once that is done, it is building time.

Anyone interested?