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    Well some of the old timers might remember Elite in 1984 flying a Cobra Mark III. Or Elite Plus in 1991 where you had Trading, Bounty Hunter, Pirate, Carrie Service, Mining and passenger Service. Some of us might have tried Oolite. Basicly taken the game Elite and edited so it had better graphics enhancements.

    At the time We only commanders 64 computers or a 286 cpu and Dos. We did not even have Windows 3.1 yet at the time and and such. I don't think we even had a hard drive yet lol.

    But Next year There will be Elite Dangerous. Oh I am so happy.

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    I think I actually played a Frontier: Elite II back in the early 2000's - not sure how I got it working, I'll have to investigate that. Unfortunately I was a bit young for the original Elite and perhaps even the Elite Plus release - when we finally got a PC in 1992, I was too busy playing Wolfenstein and other such games. I'm a pretty big fan of games that descend from Elite though - Wing Commander Privateer and Freelancer both owe their existence to Elite.

    This is another great example of the gamers having control of what games they want to see released - another spectacular Kickstarter project that made a very healthy amount of money - and it looks gorgeous in my opinion! I'll be getting it!

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    Maybe I should have the topic Change to Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen.

    Well you should read up on that forum. | Roberts Space Industries Here the elite URL Elite: Dangerous They have both the guys that made Wing commander and Elite and talking mostly about games back then like Elite and Wing commander. But the topic mostly on Elite and but the one that made Wing commander making a game called Star Citizen. Which looks like the ships from Wing Commander.

    I post both urls.

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    It's too bad he couldn't use some of that money to buy up the Wing Commander property - I'd love to see that rich storyline return, free from EA's crippling bureaucracy.

    Regardless, every time I watch a Star Citizen video, I get a little bit more excited about it - and this one is no exception. I had no idea it was going to be a free-roam style game - we'll see how well that pans out.

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    I spent a large amount of time in the late 90s/ early 2000s playing Frontier Elite II, and I've also played Elite Plus and Frontier First Encounters...

    I have also been waiting for this game, and David Braben has promised it me for 10 years. Elite 4 has been considered notorious vapourware for a long time... I hope he pulls it off, and given his Kickstarter got well over it's target he's got no excuses not to deliver this time...

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    LOL I spent from 1984 to 1990 playing original elite. Shit that game can play on anything now if you tweak it right. Just started playing Oolite to get use to flight again. I already got two Military lasers lol. I am already Above Average. Last time I played I was Deadly.

    Oh I did find a story some of you might like Elite: The Dark Wheel
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