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Thread: A start to a great thing.

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    Default A start to a great thing.

    So tonight was an amazing night. It was a first for me. For years i have traveled the AB path alone by myself with no one to really talk to. It was only a few months ago i met my current girlfriend. She is a nice loving caring girl that i have no idea how i lived without her. When we first met i told myself that i was going to tell her about my AB/DL side right off the bat, because i didnt want a relationship on lies or secrets. It was a bold terrifying move but to my surprise it worked she still wanted to go out with me and she was very curious about my AB side. There were times that i shared it with her she asked questions and slowly pulled it out of me. but tonight took the cake there were times i would have my bink when she was around watching tv or a movie. For
    Christmas she got me a pair of footie PJS that i love a lot. It was tonight that we were spontaneous and got a hotel room where nervously i asked if she would baby me. she did i was ecstatic. first she powdered and diapered me then put me in my footie pjs and fed me a bottle. it was great she did everything right i loved it. All i have to say is i am one lucky person to find an amazing girl like her.

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    Great to hear of couples getting it right! I'm sure you're attending to her needs as well. I wish you both much happiness

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    i am so jealous i have been traveling down the ab/dl road for at least 5 years now and haven't met the right girl. I wish you both much happiness

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    Congrats! We need as many great stories like these on this site as possible. After all, this is a support site. It's about showing others that there is hope.

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    first i want to thank everyone for the well wishes. and to answer kwisy's question on how we met it was kinda not normal. almost a year ago i took an intern job at a local garage working on cars. it just so happened that it is her dads business. she moved back home from living in maine for a few years. so long story short her parents first set us up to be friends but we got super close and i wanted her to know from the start instead of fakking for her and she leaves me and breaks my heart, but i am super super lucky. and again thanks for all the well wishes.

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    Good job telling her right off the bat, I think that's the best way to do it so that there is less chance of getting hurt later on. It's not like we can stop this part of ourselves and its better to see if our significant others to be will accept us for who we are. I told my fiancÚ about a month after we started dating and it's not been all unicorns and roses, but we are moving in the right direction. At this point she will diaper me for bed once a week and cuddle with me until I fall asleep. I am hoping one day she will be willing to change me when I am wet, but that's probably a ways off.

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    I just want my girl to wear a diaper at night sometimes.. is that too much to ask... lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by RVCA21 View Post
    I just want my girl to wear a diaper at night sometimes.. is that too much to ask... lol
    No, I don't think it's too much to ask, but... have you actually asked?

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    No wayyyy.. not yet at least. I have been wanting to open up to her for quite some time now though. soon enough.
    Just have to figure out the right words to approach the situation.

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