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Thread: Infantilization of men in the 21st Century

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    Question Infantilization of men in the 21st Century

    I've read articles and even have seen how stereotypes and positions in the world have shifted. Before the 1960's there was a dominant man and submissive wife. He worked, dictated and was the father figure in the relationship. She bore children, stayed at home and had to request permission to purchase or own her own things. Now the roles have shifted, but men and women are seen much more than the roles in the past. Women have become the breadwinners in the relationship, good jobs, style and a more powerful position. Men, not being just submissive but taking on a more childish role. Men have become less likely to attend or graduate College. Men are becoming less prevalent in modern day board rooms as the older generation retires and women take control. Men are stereotyped into sitting on the couch playing video games. The view of having men to have responsibility is more like a mother and child. The child has very little and the mother takes care of their child.

    Has anyone seen this in any form? It would be interesting to see and hear what others thing of the shift and if men are becoming positioned as a toddler in relationships and the world. Just thought it would be interesting to hear thoughts and views.

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    I think we are just beginning to see the pendulum reach penultimate position in it's swing where a man can and does occupy the role the women were forced into for many years, and may be forced to occupy that role in the near future in near poetic manor, hopefully the pendulum will come to settle in the middle before things get that far. It has already settled near the middle in some of the countries that make up our European allies.
    For Example
    Germany comes to mind they are far from perfect, but from my experience modern German society, does come close to a situation where both partners are equal in their value in the relationship, this has even come to be respected by the German government, allowing the Mother or Father to take time off to for the first few years of life the child(ren) to help raise them. Couples often switch off during these years on who is going to be home all the time, this system is made possible by the assistance of the German government to parents in both funding, and job security in that they cannot be penalized in anyway for using this time made available to them by law.

    So yes I have seen the shift a bit my mother being the major source of a stable income for our family for the past few years, early on my father was the source, and as family unit we are very independent group, but in a more traditional family I could see father feeling emasculated by his current as he currently only earns about a 1/5th of what my mother makes. Being who he is though both he and mother still do their best share the load equally in their relationship.
    *As a note I look at this from both the male and female perspective being both born Adam and at my core primarily Adella

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