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Thread: Im back!!!

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    Default Im back!!!

    Im back people I havent been on for a awhile but now I am back, but you know not to be selfish or anything but it really hurts me to know that nobody missed me, it feels almost like nobody wants me here on ADISC, but oh well your absence cant always be the showy flower in the garden but anyways whats been going on lately since ive been gone.

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    I do not remember you but I was gone for a few months some maybe you came and gone during that time.

    But welcome back anyways!!! I hope to see you posting around some.

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    Welcome back there babyboy89. Also don't be hurt, you just haven't been here that long. You have to post around to be known. Just stick around a while.

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    Thanks guys, has anything new happened on ADISC lately?

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    Welcome back to the forums! There have been some new anouncements and changes. For one, Moo revealed the secret requirement for reaching VIP status. Might want to check over the announcements section for all the latest information.


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