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Thread: How are the Secure Premium Taped Briefs?

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    Default How are the Secure Premium Taped Briefs?

    I am wondering, has anyone tried the Premium Taped Briefs from Secure personal care? I am wondering how they are because id love to have a lightweight diaper for daytime use, especially when the weather gets warmer.

    The site doesnt say if they are plastic backed or not but from experience i think it works better. Hopefully not with too much crinkling involved.

    If anyone has tried them or uses them let me know.

    Premium Taped Briefs : Secure Personal Care

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    I got some of these a few years ago and they win my personal award for the worst plastic-backed diaper I have bought. They were pretty low capacity, had a tendency to clump, and had two missing tapes (just not even there) in the one bag I purchased. Their only upside, if one can call it that, is being the diaper with the loudest crinkle I have run across. I'm not generally into that but it was interesting nonetheless. It's possible they've upped their game since then but that was a pretty disappointing purchase from a company that makes a fine high-end product.

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