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    Post Hi everyone!

    I'm Frogsy. Right off the bat you guys should know I have Asperger's so if you feel like something is off or strange with my social skills, that is probably what you're noticing. But I never mean any offense or harm and if I've made a mistake here please let me know and I'll rectify the situation as soon as possible.

    Anyway, I'm a happily married woman, but to a man who has no interest in diapers. He doesn't mind my play as long as it's solo. I don't wear diapers near him or in his presence - only alone when I'm hanging out in another part of the house. I think I would call myself a little - not an infant age but somewhere between toddler to pre-teen child. I also often like to switch roles and be a caretaker or a mommy of some kind, but only in my imagination of course!

    I have no friends who are interested in this so I thought I would come here to be able to talk about it, share advice on what to buy, participate in any psychological discussion on this topic or any other, talk off-topic with other 'littles' and diaper-wearers, and most importantly feel less alone.

    My hobbies and interests are:

    Gaming: Currently playing Skyrim, GTA IV, Alan Wake, The Sims 3. My most favorite games of all time are the Monkey Island series games and the original Mario Bros games (especially Super Mario Bros 3.) I've been gaming since I was five years old, and luckily I get less and less criticism for being a female gamer these days, as it's becoming more common.

    Reading: My favorite reading genre is usually horror (like Stephen King) or contemporary fantasy (like Neil Gaiman, JK Rowling, or Haruki Murakami). My favorite book of all time is Kafka on the Shore. I also love nonfiction books if they are done right, like the work of Mary Roach for example, and Dave Cullen's book Columbine.

    Writing: I have been writing a fictional television show for a few years that I only share with my husband. It's like a special world only we share between us. It's episodic, about an hour's length of reading time each, and I have a music playlist that goes with it. This is what I spend most of my time on.

    Music: Classical, rock, alternative, big band, swing, electronic, electro-swing, indie, oldies, psychedelic, etc. My favorite band of all time is a toss-up between the Beatles and Radiohead. Lately though I've been into MGMT, Caravan Palace, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Max Richter, Tame Impala, Jimi Hendrix, and the Glen Miller Orchestra.

    Movies and Television: I used to have an obsession over old television and film, but lately I've been watching contemporary things. My favorite shows are Mad Men, Girls, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead and True Blood. Of all time, I loved Lost and Arrested Development and The Dick Van Dyke Show. My favorite movie is probably still Donnie Darko followed by Moulin Rouge, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Rushmore, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. I also love documentaries in either TV or film format.

    Also I quit smoking about five months back and I only use electronic cigarettes. It became something of a big hobby, especially since I can smoke cookies and cheesecake. If anyone else here has used ecigs, you'd know where I'm coming from!

    I think that's probably a good introduction! (I really do hope!) Thank you for reading and hopefully soon I'll see you in comments below and especially in other discussion threads on the site!

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    Congratulations on quitting smoking....You have many friends here. I understand with having the imagination but no one to participate. So hopefully this place can be an outlet for questions, issues and conversation.

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    That was a wonderful intro post, I must say! Welcome to ADISC! It's a pleasure to get to know you. I'm happy your husband is understanding even if he doesn't have an interest in the subject. That's what matters I think, basic respect and understanding. Great foundation for happy relationships I think, friends, family or romantic.

    You already answered a lot about what you are interested in and went to amazing detail, so I'm going to struggle a little more on asking my intro questions.. but I'll figure out some!

    It's great that you are getting less and less criticism for being a female gamer because gaming is something that should know no gender! You mentioned some of your favorite games and posted some of what your currently playing. It seems like you like to try all sorts of things, which is great! Still, what are your favorite genre's of games, and are there any types of games you just don't find very fun?

    My other question has to with what you mentioned in your writing section! I totally think its amazing that you do that kind of thing, and have something like that to share with someone that brings you closer together. While I have no intention on intruding on that at all, I would love to know what goes into making something like that. What's the process of making something that's like.. supposed to be a "TV series". It sounds super interesting to do, as someone who loves writing but mostly sticks to roleplaying.

    I hope you have a wonderful time here and especially, feel less alone. A happy welcome hug from this fellow little to you, Frogsy!

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    Welcome to the group.
    I am really into old movies and TV also. I like a good Jimmy Stewart movie. I also watch Perry Mason and Alfred Hitchcook. I have so meny movies in VHS and some of the classic TV series Like All in the Family (my Father was so much like Archy) and the Beverly hillbillies (my family in general) and Twilight zone and gunsmoke (the good good ones with dennis weaver)

    Again welcome

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    CrybabyDustin Thank you that's really nice of you, I'm also proud I quit because I don't even know how I got into smoking in the first place! It goes against everything in my personality really.

    Gigglemuffinz What an awesome post. I've seen you around here and you're a great welcome wagon to this site. My favorite gaming genre is probably open-world sandbox games. I have played MMO's for this reason and have had some success but lately I've been more interested in non-multiplayer games.

    I write the 'tv show' like you would read a novel (it's not written like a script) but it's hard to explain, it sort of reads as though you are watching a one-hour show, especially with the music playlist (I have my husband's reading timed out pretty closely so I actually write 'song one' 'song two' etc in the appropriate places and I'm usually very certain what part he'll be reading when a part of the music comes on. Also I've been known to sometimes leave cliffhangers as you'd find in shows, but not too often!

    dungion: Wow, Jimmy Stewart is my favorite actor from his generation. My favorite film of his is Harvey and I've seen it maybe ten times because it's so good. I used to watch a lot of classic shows with my grandma and my dad. Seeing the way Abbot & Costello could make my dad laugh uncontrollably was probably a big reason why I got interested in that segment of black and white culture.

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    Hey there, what an awesomely, informative post. What an interesting girl. Welcome, you'll have no trouble mixing it up around here. Sorry hubby's not into the game, but it guess its good that he lets you do what you need to.

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    I've got Asperger's too, so I know exactly what you're going through. I myself Play a lot of Skyrim too, as well as my massive collection of Atari2600 Games. I love classic rock, 80's pop and new wave. Anything retro is cool in my book!

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    Hi and welcome. I used to play a lot of RPG games, but now I spend all my free time writing, also in the horror/scary genre. I'm currently reading Peter Straub's "Lost boy, Lost Girl", a really good haunting story. You might like it. I have four stories on this site, all written for Halloween and I hope scary. The last one is "The Un-training of Stanly Kaminsky" which was also intended to be a little humorous.

    I loved your detailed introduction, and I hope this site will make you happy.

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