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Thread: Tactical RPGS ...

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    Default Tactical RPGS ...

    I love grid based rpgs but I need help finding a good one for the 360 or the DS . Thanks

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    Final Fantasy Tactics has a new version on the DS I think.

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    FFTA2 , Beat it in 70 hours and no longer have it

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    your looking for games life FF Tactics right? Or will almost any RPG with leveling systems and management do?

    If the later is the case i suggest Pokemon Diamond. (I have that game BTW.)

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    I am asking for Grid Based RPGS...and btw I beat Pearl and sold it too...

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    Just googled Tactical RPGS for Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS and here is some results I got.

    Video Games, PC Games, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP - GameDaily

    I'll dig around for some and see what titles I can find.

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    Well, there's a DS version of Disgaea out. I don't even normally like SRPGs, and I'm addicted to it. Or was, anyway, until I got The World Ends With You.

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    well i beat the ps2 version of it and its the same game more or less

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    if your looking for grid base RPG's only your narrowing yourself down a WHOLE lot there's barely any on the 360 and DS.

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    Sorry but i only like grid based rgs..the other style of rpgs are too boring...

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