As the original thread was closed a while ago, I thought I might update those interested a bit.

First off, there have been a few days where I was NOT able to be a baby and had to deal with several adult oriented issues including the death of my father and settlement details of the estate. Additional health issues for myself and my GF.

I/we are still enjoying an essentially full time baby existence for me into the third month. I do have occasional times when I am allowed on the computer.

We have identified several new suppliers for diapers and custom made clothing items as well as a complete custom layette for the planned nursery. My GF and her daughter have expressed their preference for me as a baby. I am not required to speak in baby talk but most every other activity is baby oriented. Although the diet sucks, the nap and bedtime requirements have been great and most relaxing.

During my limited adult time, (usually less than a few hours on one day a week) we have discussed the dearth of adult baby furniture makers in the US and the very limited number in the UK. Most have gone out of business.
My GF broached the subject of starting a furniture operation here in SoCal as I have a rather extensive woodworking tool collection and cabinet making experience. This would of course, diminish my own time as a baby if there were sufficient market for such furniture. We discussed cribs, playpens and high chairs. These would obviously be well designed and built to look like decorative items and not just some wood screwed together to make a semblance of chair etc.

I am thoroughly enjoying my baby time and treatment despite the expressed concerns of some of the posters on the previous thread. My surgery is on temporary hold until I have a nerve ablation therapy for spinal pain control to allow me to lose some weight.

So far, we have not found a down side to our CHOSEN lifestyle. There has been nothing but pleasure (spankings excepted).