View Poll Results: How do you pronounce the word "exit"?

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  • eGZit (speaking American English)

    12 40.00%
  • eKSit (speaking American English)

    5 16.67%
  • eGZit (speaking British English)

    1 3.33%
  • eKSit (speaking British English)

    9 30.00%
  • eGZit (speaking International English)

    0 0%
  • eKSit (speaking International English)

    3 10.00%
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Thread: How do you pronounce the word "exit"...?

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    Talking How do you pronounce the word "exit"...?

    I just read an article on the BBC news website discussing whether an international phonetic alphabet would be useful and was surprised to see one example.

    It suggested that the word "exit" should be written phonetically as "egzit"! I thought that was a common pronunciation in the US, but that almost everyone in the UK would say "eksit".

    BBC News - Could a new phonetic alphabet promote world peace?

    So... seeing as I'm bored, I thought I'd put it to the test!

    I've split the answers into American, British and International English dialects to reflect the dialect that you learnt. I'd say Australian English would be "International", but I imagine that Mexicans could probably claim to be speaking "US English" (unless English has evolved into it's own dialect in Mexico)... I dunno... just put whatever dialect you think you speak or "International" if you're not sure...

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    The Michigan accent way: eggsSitt. Compacted and Southern with a sprinkle of Finnish

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    I'm Canadian, so I pronounced like "eggs-it" :P

    - - - Updated - - -

    What about us poor Canadians, do we not have our own English? I suppose that it IS a mixture of British and American, but that is what makes it our own :P

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    Exit, that is the pronounciation. Similar to Bag, there is no one way to say it, its just that way.

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