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Thread: Sleeping positions

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    Default Sleeping positions

    I'm just laying in bed right now trying to snuggle in for the night and I wondered if we had a more common sleep position than the standard probability distribution.

    So guys, what's your favorite sleeping position and/ or your most common one?

    I personally tend to fall asleep on my back holding one or more bears. However I occasionally fall asleep on my tummy with one bear.

    I'm a fairly restless sleeper who tends to take the covers off the bed.

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    I usually sleep on my left side with my legs tucked inward cuddling a plushie.

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    for me, it is a bit dependant on what my back is like (problems with my back means sometimes i cant get comfortable lying on my back). I seem to be a bit of a contortionist when i sleep if i have problems with my back in that i will sleep on my stomach but twist my hips so they are on the side (generally my right hip) or i can sleep straight on my stomach. Otherwise, it will be on my back or side. Im sure when i am asleep i would be in all sorts of positions but seeing as though i live on my own, i cant exactly tell until i wake up.

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    Always on my side with one leg raised toward my chest. I can never fall asleep in any other position.

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    I wonder if im the only one her who can only fall asleep on his side. The odd thing tho is that i when i wake up i am alwas on my back and yet if i lay on my back i can never get to sleep. I really dont get that.

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    I tend to end up on my side with my arms wedged under the pillows. I'd like to be able to sleep on my back because it feels comfier and would also help with using padding in bed (disposables just don't seem to work well for side sleepers).

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    I like cuddling up with my teddy in a ball on my left side but yes get what your on about disposable nappies are not the best for side sleepers

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    I normaly sleep on my right side in the the fetal position. When I roll over to my left side if I stop on my back it's usally time to pee. I wore cloth
    last night and peed on my side no leaks.

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    I tend to sleep on my side, legs curled intoward my chest (loose fetal position) as if I'm clutching a plushie (alas I do not sleep with one as MY teddy isn't with me here at my apartment.

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    For me I do not position myself in any way, my body just tends to do what ever it wants, so naturally I am all over the place, even waking up in a position that I wasnt in before.

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