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Thread: I am new here! Thanks for letting me join and here is a TON of information about me!

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    Default I am new here! Thanks for letting me join and here is a TON of information about me!

    I am being open about myself because theres no point in not being open about things. I have a hard time introducing myself but I am gonna try to be as outgoing as I can. If it seems I am rambling too much forgive me. I am really shy about even posting this. I am making it detailed as I can. I will also honestly answer any question you ask me unless you ask for information like my name and facebook page or whatever. I don't have a problem giving it out but I want to know a person to be comfortable about it. Perdon my people skills...I am not usually good at talking about myself.

    I named this basically what it is because I'm a man of simple taste and I am not good at making up names for thred posts or introducing myself. I am going to try to be as open about myself as possible beacuse im not ashamed of who I am. I am the kind of guy who rarely puts anything in the subject box when sending an email. I came to this site because my wife thought I should join it. I have come through here and read several things on here before so I don't see why not. First of all to get to know the most about me you should probably know my hobbies. I am a pretty active layabout. When I get out I am the most active guy out there but when I sit down and lounge good luck getting me up for anything unless your dying. I work very hard. I am a member of the military though I wont say what branch yet but when I get some rest and relaxation I take those 2 words seriously. I like to fix computers. Sure its a line of work but I don't consider it work. Computers are a passion of mine. I play the card game Magic the gathering and am a very avid collector of fire arms and I love my 2nd amendment right. Going to the range on the weekend is a great way to cut loose and be stress free because if your shooting like I do the only thing on your mind is hitting that target. It gives me time to clear my head and come back to whatever is stressing me out fresh and clear headed. If im not stressed I can still come to work with a clear head and feeling better about it being Monday. I love playing PC fact its the whole reason I got into fixing computers to start with. I have had a very rough time growing up and I come from a rough background and a bad family and will probably talk about later on unless asked for more information on that.

    When it comes to diapers its complicated but started with bed wetting. I started using them out of my own free will because I don't like cleaning so it was a logical alternative compared to washing sheets more often. I was around 11 or 12 when this was going on and anyone finding out was my greatest fear. At around 14 my step mom found out and seriously degraded me to the point that it sort of scared me and made me fear diapers all together. I stopped wearing for night time use right then and there. Later on down the road I had a place of my own and would wear on and off every now and then but i still had hard time doing it. My night time wetting problem seemed to come back a few years ago when I was with my ex. I was trying to be an honest and forthcoming dude and let her know about it because I don't want a relationship based off of lies. She told me I should probably consider wearing diapers so I got back into them for night time use for her. I thought I had her support and she seemed to genuinely care about me. She turned around and told a bunch of friends of ours and went behind my back and cheated on me. My wife was her roommate at the time and heard every thing she said about me and a lot of it was pretty degrading. Well I ended up talking to my wife and we got together a few weeks after me and my ex broke up. Since she knew everything already she knew what she was getting into when she said yes to being with me. I also have some emberassing storysa I might share. I consider myself an ab/dl and a sissy because these 2 things are part of the diaper experience that I am trying to experiment with. My ex also awakened the sissy side of me by asking me to wear some of her clothes in her absence to feel closer to her. I find a lot of the clothing and things to be very comfortable and a good way to get away from everything. I have found that I like diapers better then regular underwear or boxers because they are more comfortable and more functional and a lot more convenient. I am just trying to overcome the physiological barriers and stigmas that go with wearing them. I would eventually like to wear 24-7. In the ab/dl part of my life my wife is my mommy. I am not used to saying it like that. I usually say mother. Now that I think of it theres several reasons I think I joined this site but Im not sure about any o them it just feels like a slight combination of many things. I would sort of like to possibly meet other people who are into ab/dl stuff. This website is also kind of a place to talk about it and that might help me feel better about wearing diapers and maybe give me some insight and advice for partaking in these activities Its kind of complicated just like all of my history...I feel good and bad but I'm trying to get rid of the bad. As I think about what im writing I don't understand how its supposed to make sense to you so I apologize but im not good at describing mixed or good feelings.

    I am gonna talk about my wife because shes one of the things I care most about. I have never seen such dedication in a woman. We went to school together and she has toughed it out with me through some of the toughest times I have ever had. She saw me lose my car. She was there for me to get kicked out of my place. She was also there while I was homeless for nearly 8 months. Every park bench I slept on she was there with me. She supported me all the way through boot camp and always stuck at my side so I would choose no other woman to have at my side. I will let her go into greater detail about herself though.

    I am not gonna post a sob story about my bad experiences unless they are asked for. I have been through a lot of things people cant imagine I don't have a problem talking about it but I am only saying it to people who express they want to hear. Unlike a lot of other people who have been through bad crap I am outgoing about it because I hope someone can learn not to make some of the mistakes I made.

    Little random tidbits about me

    My favorite PC games consist of any fallout games any mass effect games Rainbow 6 vegas 2 and borderlands. I also play a lot of saints row. I am considering the starwars MMO. Old Republic I think its called. My favorite movies are movies like Black Hawk Down and Gladiator. I watch a lot of bond as well. My favorite food is pizza or a good burger such as one from five guys or white castle. I love food. I am not fat because I got a fast metabolism.

    I don't know how I should end this so go ahead and just ask questions and I will answer them.

    Oh and pardon me for making you read this much. Im a complicated guy. Im happy to be here an will try to contribute to discussions when I can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abkitty View Post
    I am being open about myself because theres no point in not being open about things.
    I loved this part. I just love honesty though, it's always really refreshing. Welcome to ADISC! Don't worry about your people skills or being shy, a lot of us are shy! It's wonderful that you aren't ashamed of who you are, because I don't think you should be. I'm into about every other TCG other then Magic, but I'm sure you can find some people who like that too! It's neat that you like computers, are able to fix them, and play PC games though! I just barely got into playing on the computer.

    I'm sure hoping this place will make you feel better and make you feel like there are people you can talk to about it. It's also fun to make friends who share interests with you! I'm pretty certain you'll find both things on ADISC. I'm glad you seem positive and ready to move forward with happiness in your life despite having a tough life, because I've seen so many people weighed down by their bad experiences and it makes me very sad.

    You did so well at answering many of the questions i was going to ask you, but I'll still think of a couple! Do you like any sweets? If so, which dessert is your favorite? What about Fallout and Mass Effect do you like the most? If it's not too intrusive, why did your wife think you should join this site?

    I hope you have a wonderful time here, and don't worry.. reading is fun! It wasn't a problem to read it at all. ^_^

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    Thanks for your welcome your the first one to post in this so congrats. Sorry I am out of prizes. For TCGs I dabble in yugioh a little bit. My people skills are less with me being shy and more with me not communicating in a way that pleases others. I tend to say things how I think them. I am sort of weighed down by my experiences but in a different way then most people. Sweets? My wife could tell you I have a very big sweet tooth. For actual desert food I like choclate ice cream coated in choclate syrup and reeses penut butter shell. When it comes to the Fallout series I would say 1 is my favorite but most people cant relate to that. I played it when it first came out years ago. So when it comes to the newer fallouts which more people can relate to I would say Newvegas. I feel like fallout 3 was better in some ways yes but it was missing a lot of the spunk from previous fallouts which they brought back in newvagas. They also listened to wha the modding community wanted and took some ideas from those who play the game a lot which usually leads me to give any game developer who does this brownie points. When it comes to Mass Effect I feel as if all of them are 1 game rather then seeing them as 3 different games. I like playing either 1 or 3 the best. I really like what they did with the weapons system in 3. They made it easier to play according to your own personal style rather then just grabbing the most powerful gun you can get like in 1 or 2. I will say gigglemuffins that no question your gonna ask me just about anything you ask me is not gonna be too intrusive. She thought we should both join sites and I happened to know of this one so we went with this. She is over on DD as well but I myself have not made an account there. I hope I answered your questions good enough....

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    Default Re: I am new here! Thanks for letting me join and here is a TON of information about me!

    Welcome to ADISC!

    Wow what a great life companion you have. You should treat her as a queen. Her love and patience with you is uncommon amongst people today in this here and now attitudes.

    Y'alls situation really put you two to the test and by surviving that made you and her have a strong bond that not even mountains can come between you two now.

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    Don't worry about it, I'm happy to give you a warm welcome! That's enough of a prize for me. You answered my questions wonderfully, I'm into Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon more myself.. but I've always wanted to get into Magic the Gathering eventually. It was great hearing you talk about games and your favorite dessert! (Made me hungry!)

    I hope you have a wonderful time here. I really do.

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    Thanks. I most of my friends agree that she is a keeper. If all we have overcome hasnt been enough to make her perfect she also enjoys the ab/dl and sissy side of me.

    - - - Updated - - -

    @gigglemufins I could help you with magic if you ever want any tips on deck building.

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