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Thread: How many songs do you have in your iTunes library?

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    Default How many songs do you have in your iTunes library?

    Simple question. Of course, this doesn't say much about your music tastes (or how much you like music either), but it is still an interesting question to ask to see how much time people have spent putting CDs on their computers. As of today, I have 5886 songs on my computer, so I have spent quite a lot of time putting songs onto it. I'm sure some people have more than that though.

    As a related question, how many of the above songs are downloaded illegally? For me, none of the songs are downloaded illegally, but I have borrowed a lot of CDs from friends and the library and put them on my computer which might be considered illegal also.

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    On my moms laptop I have 19 songs, on family PC I have around 11,000 songs. On my own PC, about 600. My MP3 has 409 songs.

    Most of my songs are illegally downloaded except for 100.

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    I have 851.

    Some downloaded (legally), mostly CDs though.

    I need more music...

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    I've got 3208 songs in my library and desperately need more. I can't honestly say how many of those are pirated, but I'll only buy something if I can't get it for free some other way.

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    Footed P.J.


    154 iTunes single songs, and 7 radio station webstreams on iTunes. I don't need thousands of songs, especially with my liking for radio. I don't feel "cooler" than those that have 50 songs.

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    5804 songs in my library, some FLAC, some mp3, some AAC.
    I had 7648 before I deleted crap I'd never listen to.

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    lots of music, zero "itunes" lol

    wooohooo the 20th post. I have an IBM Aptiva that I made into my music server, and connected it to my upstairs and downstairs stereos, so I can have the same music playing thoughout the house.
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    I have 6778 songs making up 420 albums. I'm guessing about 15-20 of those albums are completely legal.

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    I don't use iTunes anymore either because of my switch to Linux. Banshee is great now

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