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Thread: Pampers Extra Protection?

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    Default Pampers Extra Protection?

    I've used Pampers Baby Dry 6 in the past and they're not bad--just don't hold quite enough comfortably. Has anyone tried the Extra Protection versions? How are they?

    Huggins Overnights are also something I'd look into trying.


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    The fact that you can even fit into a baby diaper has probably made you the envy of many an AB on this site (myself included lol) so I don't know if you'll get much help.

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    I prefer Huggies over nights, their thicker and more absorbent then Pampers extended protection or the other Pampers diapers.
    Pampers in the pre SAP days were a really good absorbent diaper, but after they they started using the SAP and made their diapers paper thin, their pretty much useless.

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    I have tried the extra protection Pampers (size 6), and like them VERY much. They fit very similar to the baby dry 6 and the cruisers 7 and hold a little more than either. The box that I got had a very strong pampers scent which I like a lot. I also have some Huggies overnites in a size 6, but they don't fit without extending the tapes, they're just not stretchy enough- although they DO hold a crazy amount of liquid.

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    I like both of them Pampers Extra Protection size 6 and Huggies Overnites size 6. I think Huggies Overnites size 6 is a little thicker.

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    I used to be able to fit in Pampers Cruisers easily a few years back. Those worked quite well for me. I've never been able to fit in Huggies. They're always so small compared to Pampers.

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    Take a look at this post and all your baby diaper size questions will be answered:

    It looks like the extra protection size 6 are about the same size as baby dry size 6.

    I'm skeptical that any baby diapers will fit very well on a normal size adult. Yeah, I've done it, and I can get them on if I extend the tapes, but they don't fit and don't hold very much. What I've found works better is using a baby diaper as a stuffer inside of goodnites. Or, you know, diapers designed to fit an adult.

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    I think I'll try the Extra Protection and Overnites + Goodnites combo. And yeah these are just for fun--Bambinos and SDKs are on the way.

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    I use Pampers EP fairly often. The absorbency is good ... for a baby diaper. Really, there's not a baby diaper out there that can cope with an adult-sized "flood," so avoiding accidents is always a matter of controlling your flow and positioning yourself correctly (if you're a guy). I've been lucky to get a few really stretchy batches of EP recently -- rivaling Cruisers. Or perhaps that's just how they are nowadays. Still, there's never a doubt that I'm wearing a drastically undersized diaper when I have one of these on!

    Huggies Overnights are much thicker, but are also shorter and less stretchy. Unless you're a beanpole, your chances of even barely stretching into them are very small.

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    I can still wear pampers I myself was looking for some new diapers. I was going to get tena slip maxis, but I can't afford them right now. I may try extra protection first.

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