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Thread: Nascar 2013

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    Default Nascar 2013

    Speed weeks is underway! Danica Patrick is on the pole for the Daytona 500. What
    is every fans thoughts on the season? For me it's following Brad to see if he can repeat
    and Carl if he can rebound.

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    Hopefully it will be another amazing season where some idiot get's killed.

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    Just as long as Jimmie Johnson doesn't win the title, I'm good.

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    They got anymore tracks with right turns yet? Let me when they do, untill then its Motorcycles and F1 for me
    Just joking lol. I like Nascar (Edwards/Biffle, hes our local boy). I would LOVE to see Ricky Carmicheal and Travis Pastrana somehow get up to "Cup" speed. Also a big fan of no driver/rider aids like ABS, traction control, etc. I do like the KERS and DRS setups on F1 though. Dont get me started on bikes lol

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    I'm liking the new cars this season and as usual I'm behind Ambrose. Also to Ducati as much as I love f1 NASCAR is great (not better) because it gets back to the basics.

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    i hope dale jr will pull a miracle and win the sprint cup this year

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    It's nice to see some fellow F1 fans here on ADISC. As for NASCAR, I don't follow very closely, but I do like to watch the Daytona 500 and the road course races. It would be great for the sport if Danica won the 500. I'm also pulling for Dale Jr., because he's a smart, fast driver with class.

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    I just hope the 5-6 interesting tracks thy race on end up being well..interesting races. Not really routing for anyone, and not really planing to watch much since the 800 1.5 miles they race on are incredibly boring.

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    Weirdly, as a Brit who has been a long time fan of US motorsport, I find myself enjoying the trucks and Nationwide series much more than the main Cup these days. Too many of the Cup races are lap after lap of nothing followed by 10 laps of total carnage, which renders the whole thing something of a lottery. Don't really have a favourite driver, although have enjoyed watching Marcos Ambrose mixing it. Be interesting to see if there's any more V8SC cross-over, as it's not the most unnatural move in the world. Talking of the Aussie V8s, wish there was more international coverage, as for me it's the most exciting thing out there, and I include F1 in that.

    ETA - scary crash in the Daytona Nationwide race. Not a fan of pack racing...

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