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    Has anyone ever ordered from Privatina (privatina - individual one piece fashion) in the U.S.?

    If so, what was your experience?


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    I have quite some time ago...

    Thier stuff is of good quality, it's way too expensive...

    Now, my gf makes me footies when I ask least most of the time...

    Last pair has back zipper...locking...sewn on mittens with a drawstring on the inside of the sleve...and of course gripper feet...

    They are great and there is absolutely no way your getting out of them by yourself...

    In baby blue fluffie type of fleece and super warm and cozy...

    But, when she tightened and made a bow on the mittens then double knotted was just a surrendering moment...once zipped up and the lock turned on that zipper...your not going to be able to mess with was also the first time I found out that iPads won't work with mittens gf liked that...I usually spend a few now...on my iPad surfing the bugs her...

    So, after a long to do...they are of a decent quality...not really worth the money over here in the states IMHO

    Your results may vary!

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    I have to agree the clothes are very good quality but it is expensive.

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    Default Re: Privatina

    I think that is cool your so was willing to make you a pair. I bet they look good.

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    Did she add the mittens and locking zipper on her own, or did you request that? I think that I would love to be bundled up like that for a night or two...


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    I have ordered 3 times from Privatina. The quality is definitely better than most of the stuff on ebay (Big Tots, LL, etc...), but is substantially more expensive. There's something really empowering about the fact that they (as a company) feel so normal. It's as if they're just another online clothing retailer and not an underground fetish-ware joint or some sympathetic seamstress on eBay. Don't get me wrong, the fetish-ware retailers are a fine bunch, and some of the custom made clothing you can get locally will rival Privatina's in quality. But to have such a wide variety of exclusively AB clothing represented in such a non-sexual, and professional way is a real turn on! I know that sounds a little oxymoronic, but from the moment I first saw the site, I've had a special place in my little heart for them.

    Some people say the selection is heavily skewed toward female babies, but I think it's because they use mostly women models. Everything I've ordered from there was modeled and appeared to be feminine on the website, but feels more gender neutral in actuality. Anything they offer in pink is also available in blue when you fill out your order. On that note, it is imperative that you go through the process of measuring yourself. For my first order, I didn't take the extra time to measure, and selected the standard size for my body type. It's not that the standard fitting was bad, but the next time I ordered with custom measurements, it was so much more comfy (and visually flattering) that It would be irresponsible of me not to mention it here.

    On the negative side, both pairs of my footies from Privatina have required some repairs. A few seams let loose on one, and most recently, the zipper on another broke appart in the dryer. The seams were easily fixed at a local dry cleaners for a few bucks, and it's not like they made the zipper. But when you pay $120 for some footies.... well it's a bummer. All that being said, since the first item I ordered from them was delivered (years ago), my single favorite article of AB clothing has always been.... you guessed it..... whichever Privatina item was most recently delivered.

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    We're not taking orders...but I've been thinking about it...between the two of us we've made quite a few pairs...

    As for the locking zipper...all my footies have that...a couple have mittens...but this is the first pair with drawstrings on the inside so they can't be tampered with...

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    Default Privatina


    Now you have me really curious about the mechanism that does the locking... Is it something simple like a chain around the neck or more elaborate like an actual locking zipper?


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    My boyfriend wears the footies and I have to say they are really cute. Even when I was coming to grips with the wholeAB/DL thing after learning it, the footies put me much more at ease than onesies. The animals are really funny looking in a good way - little creatures that often seem to be a mix of animals. And my lover lets me borrow them sometimes and they are totally comfy. Especially when pregnant, they look really cute on!

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