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    Who has a clean room? I try my best to keep my room clean i take out my wet diapers every morning but me buying a guy that i am i do have clothes on my floor until my girly side comes out then i need my room cleaned cuz it gets yucky

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    My son keeps messing up my room so it always looks messy. Crumbs all over and toys because he brings them in here. Plus I throw my clothes on the floor too and I keep my laptop on the couch and throw my cloth diapers on my bed or couch because I am too lazy to put them away right away.

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    yeah i doubt my room will ever be clean all the time but i get in my moods where im like must clean lol

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    I keep my home clean to the point that it's probably bordering on being obsessive. I've always liked my space to be clean and tidy, even when I was a teenager. I also find it easier to feel little in somewhere clean, but I'm not sure why that is.

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    I'm not the tidiest guy you'll ever meet but I try to keep the space around my equipment clean. Cant say the same for my bedroom, car or kitchen.

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    I try to be really tidy but then I'll just look around and sometimes it looks like there was just an earthquake... and I have a terrible habit of stuffing things under by bed instead of putting them away, then like a month later when I do a good clean out I end up finding everything I've been looking for under there xD I am good at keeping my desk clean though!! so that should count!

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    Right now my place looks like a tornado went through.

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    Right now it is well and clean and very organized but it took a week to get it that way and well take a lot of discipline to keep it so.

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    I like a clean room. My room isn't really a bedroom, so I don't have very much space to work with. When it's clean it feel's much bigger.

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    I try to clean but usually I will pick up a sock and give up lol. But my dorm is like a war zone it is very messy.

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