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Thread: United Kingdom Here Calling, Geek into nappies, whattt?

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    Default United Kingdom Here Calling, Geek into nappies, whattt?

    Hey there

    Names Jonny and im into nappies :P feels like an AA meeting.

    How did i get into them? mmmmmmmmmm probably weridest way you may of heard but i was watching an advert for a new show called 'cruel summer' when i was 16. The show was basically you get group of young people together and the viewers can choose what they do out of certain options, abit like big brother and all that. So, anyway the advert was showing a guy chatting up a girl while the girlfriend was on the other side of the kitchen, then a guys voice appears and says "you like to be cruel?" and options came up, cant remember the first two, but the last option would change my life forever. 'Put him into nappy on stage in front of everyone'. So it begins my life into nappies as i then loved this and researched it and started to go deeper into this world of ab/dl and now here I am today for you.

    Trying make new friends ... [Removed] ... This fetish just gets lonely sometimes and i love hanging out from cinema to going out to even clubbing in a nappy in one of the biggest gay clubs in the UK in london called Heaven. Done twice. Loved it twice :P

    If you want get to know me im very open, friendly and into all sorts. I think ive got a good sense of humor and i try to pull off a converstation with it than just the boring how are you, what are you up too scenerio?

    I love architecture, art, graphics design to fashion. Anything design wise im up for a good natter. TV is a love love from big bang theory to even shows that bring those memories back from the past like Sabrina the teenage witch, who didnt love Salem the cat? He was probably the coolest person in my life around 14. Hehe.


    But no-one can not have enough friends, and if one of you turns out to be that special guy, i may just jump on you and marry you. Probably wont happen but i can dream cant i? White wedding with nice white abri, lol, ok ok, i dream alot.

    Hit me up, did i mention im jonny, nice to meet you!
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    Wow, that was a nice introduction. Welcome to the site. There ate a bunch of great people here and i do hope you get to make some nice friends too.
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