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Thread: Cheao ass monitor

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    Default Cheao ass monitor

    Anyone know where I could order one?

    I'm looking for under 100$

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    Some schools throw out their old computer stuff. My friend scavenged them so much and pulled out hard disk drives, ram and dedicated video cards.

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    Under $100...craigslist. You could get a 15" or even 17" LCD for that price....or a nice 19" CRT.

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    I'm not being smart, what is a "cheao ass monitor"?

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    I would love to find a 15 or 17 LCD screen for ONLY 100 dollars or less. I don't think I will until OLED's are down to LCD prices.

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    Oh my.

    He meant Cheap Ass Monitor. As in a monitor that is very cheap. I ended up thinking it was some sort of camera to watch up girls skirts. >.>

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