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Thread: my secret Dad, he'll never know

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    Default my secret Dad, he'll never know

    So imma AB/BabyFur and I recently developed this crush on a guy, which is pretty ususual as ive been a lesbian all my life up until now. my 1st str8 attraction ever! After many months of self-denial i decided to stop pretending and descriminating aganst this fella for is body parts and embrace his personality. so now we are a couple.

    i'd very much like to share my AB side with him as he is very affectionate and playful. we have tickle fights, 2nd grade style pinches, hair pulls and pokes etc. sometimes when i annoy him he'll swat my bottom pretend spanking style. we act like kids flirting together lol. BUT i know for a fact the AB thing would give him the creeps. therefore its a secret.

    sometimes when we're goofing around i regress a bit and have a good ole time with my "dad". but he doesnt know he's filling that role at the moment. its like hes playing a game he doesnt know is going on. which is super cool on one hand but i cant help but think if he knew the game (assuming he wanted to play) he would be the most perfect dad ever. but alas, it shall remain fantasy.

    We're moving in together at the end of this month, ive packed my binkies and sippy cups. if he ever discovers them there'll be some explaining to do....

    anybody else found a way to introduce someone into this gently or maybe should i just be happy with what ive got? anybody ever been in this situation and let it ride? did it work out?
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    Why dont you tell him you like rolplay or would like to try this. I dont know him but you do .

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    I like what foxkits said...suggest a "..why don't we...?" to him and discover his response. Have fun!!!!!!

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    I'm not one for opening up about this sort of thing, but wih my last girlfriend I was really considering it and going over it in my head a bunch of times. We broke up before I made the move on this part of my life but I did think, that I think, I thought of a way to break it down a bit easier on the psyche (confusing sentence I know :p) I thought that it would be a better idea to say that you have a little side, to begin with. Not to jump into the whole baby thing (if that is your thing) right from the gecko. Saying you have a side of you that is still little at heart, firstly (I would think) could make it easier for someone to understand because lots of people think they are young at heart and it's pretty common for people to know of that...and secondly it could entail a great number of things that can help you open up slowly to him.

    what someone said in an above post could work too but then there is the lie of omission, that, for me at least, I wouldn't want to live with. Though you could try to roleplay, lets say, student teacher stuff and if he's into that, that would give you leeway to tell him "I'd rather be a 2nd grader getting punished when roleplaying this" or something to that affect.

    again I have never opened up to anyone in this way so take what I say with a grain of salt, but I think for me, that would be the easiest way of going about it and I don't think I'd feel comfortable talking about it or bringing it up in another way.

    good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GangstaLuvsBinkys View Post
    We're moving in together at the end of this month, ive packed my binkies and sippy cups. if he ever discovers them there'll be some explaining to do....
    next chapter in the story: gangsta "accidentally" leaves his pacis & sippy cups round & his friend discovers 'em you aint foolin anyone & if your friend's smart, you won't fool him either!!

    edit: if you're gonna tell him, my advice is: be direct, honest, upfront (and not creepy) about it... don't leave your shit around for him to conveniently find... makes you look sneaky/quasi-manipulative & people don't like that feelin...

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    ive had them in my pocket b4 and it fell out. i think he saw it b4 i picked it up...but never said anything. I bite my fingernails terribly so i've got a ready-made answer to binky questions. "im tryna stop biting my nails.." lol. He might go for some role play....i can see that happening. but its mostly roleplays that end in sex. so bringing the little thing into roleplay will send him running. Kids + sex is his NIGHTMARE(just like any other reasonable person, but he has a daughter so that intensifies his feelings).

    let me tell a quick story: once we were watching Taboo and there was a segment abt a man and his wife who happens to be a Little Person/Midget (i say "midget' as its a well known term but not really politically correct so i'll say LP from now on). they were living their life like any other couple but she was an LP, he was grossed outabout her size. b/c she is small like a child, he felt tht guy was border-line pedophile.

    in our relationship roleplay = sex is coming. so lil roleplay would probably make him think sex&kids. and make him think less of me. i tried to stick up for Taboo man, saying shes a grown person who happens to be extremely short. shes NOT a kid or doesnt think like one. but he wasnt hearing it. thats why im so worried abt saying something.

    if he was a woman, i feel that i wouldnt have so much apprehension about revealing this side of me if the situation was the same. i feel that women are more naturally nurturing, ive not been little with a girl of mine but ive done some light roleplay or nighttime things we do of a non sexual nature are little-ish. and there wasnt a great deal of explanation involved. more like "hey i wanna do this babe" and "ok lets try it then". it just seemed to happen more naturally.

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    I saw your post on my thread ''The best decisions I could take'', so I will try to explain how I told to my girlfriend. First of all, I choosed my moment. After reading your post, I would say this step is really important for you, because of his fear for everything that is related to pedophilia. So, don't start the discussion after or before sex, do it like in the middle of the day. Me, I did it after supper, because both of us were relaxed and nothing special were going on.

    After, I simply asked her to sit next to me and told her I had something to share. I even told her it was a bit unusual, but that I trusted her and was sure she would understand. Of course, I didn't insist to much, unless she would have start to get a bad feeling about this. After, I didn't told her directly about my abdl interest, but I used something that helped me transit to that. I have pyjama pants with sonic the hedgehog draw on it, so starting with that, I told her about my interest for kiddish clothes and showed her well... my kiddish clothes. She accepted it without problem, was a bit surprised but that's normal.

    During a week, I weared my kid's clothes in her presence, even watched cartoon with her (her only ab related interest), started to act a little more differently, more kiddish, especially at bed (but not during sex). But, I let everything go smoothly, to see if she accept it.

    After that week, I decided to talked about the diapers. I proceed the same way, starting the conversation with what she now knows: my clothes, the cartoons... and told her there was something more. So, I showed her the diaper bags (1 atena bag and 2 teddy bambino). At first, she didn't react. She just asked me: Are those diapers? Of courde, I answered yes, and ask her what she think about it, encouraged her to be honest and tell me she find it awkward. She told that she respect me with that, and even told me that I had courage to tell her that, and thanked me for my honesty. that night, I weared one (tena), she didn't seem to be disturb, but at morning, she asked me: Do you still have it on? and I felt she was not quite accepting it.

    My advice, give your boyfriend all the time he need, don't be to direct and tell him to be honest with you.

    I hope my little story will help you.

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    yes it was indeed very helpful! i think i will start slowly with cartoons and he already knows i sleep with a Plushie. so i will just build on that

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