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    Default Lost friends?

    Has anyone every lost a friend over your AB/DL side? I was close friends with a girl for 3 years that I had huge crush on and at one point I told her about it. After that she wanted nothing to do with me and to this day won't talk to me. Sorry for the bummer thread but I'm in the mood from being single on V-Day lol

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    The only people who know about it are the people I trust the most, my two best friends. One of them found out while we were hanging out one day, we had walked into my room and I keep my stash in my closet on the back rack, but I forgot to close the door and he was the first one to walk in. I immediately slid the closet shut and said, "YOU SAW NOTHING"

    He played ignorant, saying he didn't know what I was talking about. To this day I'm not sure if he really knows or not.

    Then my other best friend and I dated for a while, for a long time actually... But it's hard to date your best friend, or just awkward. Anyway, we were really close and I told her. She even wore diapers with me and we watched movies on a rainy day together. One of my favorite memories!

    It's just cold for someone to stop being your friend for that, ridiculous even. If someone truly did that to you, they must have not been as close as you thought. If someone can't accept you for who you are, is it really worth being their friend?

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    That sounds like an awesome experience! (The second one not the first one lol) Yeah I learned my lesson from that. But in contrast the only other person I've told is a super supportive friend so it's no so bad

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