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Thread: "Id Rather Be In Pampers"

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    Default "Id Rather Be In Pampers"

    The original Tshirt was seen modeled by ABJane all over Flikr. I decided to work my pants off and get the Tshirt made for myself!

    This photo is exploding the internets right now.

    Do you think there would be a market for these? This one was $25.00 US

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    You could easily set up a Cafepress or Zazzle shop with these, though the logo might be an issue

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    I'd buy one, just for certain purposes, wouldn't wear around anyone I know.

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    Takes a little courage, I suppose, more so for guys than girls.

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    How about one that says "I need a Hug..." on the front, and "...gies" on the back -- a little more subtle.

    I'm afraid I could never bring myself to wear a diaper-themed shirt around other people. It's a cruel world.

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    I wouldn't blatantly advertise my DLism to the world. I see this shirt as being a way to make people feel very uncomfortable.

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    With all of the crazy things that people wear these days, I find a modestly cut Tshirt to be... modest. I could trade it in for a "fuck you" tshirt at spencers, or a "where mah niggas at" shirt at roccawear. I find this the least offensive, perhaps even cute, of many of the shirts I see today.

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