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Thread: getting used to a catheter

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    Default getting used to a catheter

    This is just a question, but if someone is told they are to use an indwelling catheter for an extended period of time, how long does it take to get used to a catheter (such as how long until its not noticeable)?

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    I have no experience of indwelling catheters (I use the intermittent ones) but I gather that for someone who has normal sensation in their bladder and urethra, you will never "not notice" it. Me personally, I have no sensation there so I wouldn't feel it.

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    The longest I have ever had to have a foley catheter in was about 2 weeks, first 3 days my bladder protessted, but after that apart from the feeling of needing to pee all the time and being very carefull not to tug it or catch it on anything, really didn't notice it that much. Painkillers I was being given helped loads so not sure how bad it would have been without them.

    Not sure which is worse, having it in or the painful burning the next few times you pee after its been removed. Not to memtion the accidents after that, because my bladder took nearly 2 days to get back to normal once it was removed.

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    I never had mine in for longer than 10hrs maybe, I'm not sure how long they are safe to keep in for. Putting it in isn't so bad, its taking it out thats bad. I have to agree with the previous poster about peeing afterwards. The burning sucks when you pee. Also the bladder size diminishes quite quickly as well. Leading to frequent urinations for a couple of days.

    Its still fun for the ones wanting to experience no control. You MUST follow directions very carefully. Sanitation is most needed when playing with Foley catheters. UTIs are common if sanitation isn't used with every aspect of insertion. Use medical websites that are trusted and use their guidelines.

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    I can only agree here: I had a surgery once and had to recover for a few days using a catheter. I made an appointment for the removal, but he didn't warn me for these side effects. I had to pee shortly after leaving his office and while there was a toilet nearby, I couldn't stop it. Very embarrassing as I didn't foresee any protection, no fun at all.

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    I had a catheter in for 4-5 days after a surgery while recovering in the hospital, and it never bothered me (except for the time I kicked the tube in my sleep). I was also on painkillers and an epidural, though as far as I could tell I had full sensation below the epidural, so who knows if that was an accurate experience or not. I don't even remember it being all that unpleasant when it was removed either, so maybe it was just a function of the size?

    I think ultimately it depends on the specific person, and also how you handle it mentally. e.g. in my case I remember the removal being the absolute weirdest thing I've ever felt, though I see how it could also have been interpreted as painful had I gone into it with my teeth clenched thinking "oh no this is going to hurt".

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    I have had them put in a few times for medical test unfortunately since they were testing bladder capacity and sensation I could not have any drugs, it hurt something fierce going in and not as bad coming out but the burning for next week or so from these is the worst part, thankfully their are some urinary specific pain killers they put me on after each test, but still that first pee or two afterwards hurts extremely. I know I am sensitive as they did one under general anesthesia and I had to take the urinary pain suppressant at the max does for a full week afterward so that I could function,

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    Having to use an intermittent catheter 4 times a day, every day, all this makes me so glad I don't feel the damn thing at all.

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    I can't use catheters, it's been suggested to me, and doctors love to shove them in me. But for the same reason I can't use contacts, I just can't poke myself with things, >_>

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    Default Re: getting used to a catheter

    I am due to be fitted with a permanent urethra catheter, that has to be changed every 4-6 weeks, I will let you know as soon as I know how it feels! Heheh

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