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    So we got a new pet sugar glider and as part of his diet we've been feeding him baby food. I saw it in the fridge and thought I might as well try some. I scooped a little out, put it in the microwave right next to my lunch and...
    I didn't care for it. Anti-climactic I know but I didn't like the texture and it tasted really bland. Yeah, I'm glad I tried that but in the future I'm just gonna stick with a bottle of warm milk. Feedback?

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    I've raised a few babies and was never brave enough to try the jars of baby food, my mum however reports that she loved the chocolate pudding when I was a baby. I have tried some of the powdered baby foods and they really aren't nice. Rusks both dry and with milk are yummy, also highly recommend the heinz baby biscuits (original are my fav, chocolate ones not so good), I still buy these just for me occasionally. All of the babies in my family were also raised on weetabix and porridge, weetabix is still regularly eaten by all of the family, perfect with warm milk and lots of sugar for a cold morning/evenings.

    Had to google sugar glider...trés adorable.

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    remember there is a difference between and adult baby, and a real baby. In this case your adult pallet finds this distasteful, that food is formulated for the dietary needs of actual babies. Try something like applesauce or pudding, anyone can enjoy that.

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    Gerber apples and cinnamon, strawberries and bananas, toddler stage milk formula, and some of the Gerber Graduates too.

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    I like all the Gerber baby foods. All the fruits especially. If im not really diggin a food i'll just take bigger spoonfulls so i'm done faster

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