This is a clip from an old video I made in 2009. I made this without fancy software and yes the quality is not up to par with modern day HD and I now have a better camera, access to a real studio and Adobe Premiere.

Even though the audio is God awful for this old piece of work, the screaming shooting sound was my own voice slowed down.

It was a test run so to speak...

My show is a lot like Captain N etc. in which there is a video game world and I get sucked into it.... literally.

Yes....I get sucked into my arcade machine.

I hope to have the first real episode done editing soon. It features other actors of course. =)
I attempted to edit out some profanity. This video is the old me and my show is going to be kept really clean. I don't want to have to swear in order to be funny like some comedians etc.
Again, this video is OLD. I mean, I think it's pretty good though... but it's not an example of the quality I can produce NOW...