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Thread: Testers needed for my web site stuff

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    Default Testers needed for my web site stuff

    Hey guys! I need some help!

    I am trying to add streaming to my web site and the temporary solution is just to handle all of the hosting on my end.

    Obviously YouTube etc. is still a viable option but I don't want to be forced to rely on youtube for the long term.

    So... anyways, is this working for you guys?
    Here is what I am asking....

    My domain Welcome to BabyMitchy.COM!

    Should forward you to

    I am concerned with whether or not this is viewable and functioning for you, as it's going to work for me regardless I need people on other networks to test it.

    I have attempted to stream 2 videos so far and these are the links:

    I also have a comment option added to these two videos and I have no clue if it is functioning correctly so please check it out for me?

    If anyone would want to help me test stuff out please PM me so I can contact you directly to work out what works and what doesn't etc.

    (Yes, my web site still looks pretty dark and creepy. I wish I was better at making layouts.)


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    It was trying to forward to "" but the connection timed out for me. I'm on my PC that's hardwired to my modem (DSL line) get 600 kb's easily.

    Also the other two links (the videos) don't work/connect at all.

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    Okay this figures. I'll just tried switching the ip address that's forwarded to see if that works. it sucks because the web server I am using has a self programmed test feature which claims it's working =X

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    I got to the site, but the videos on your site woudl play about one second at a time and then load the next second. It may be my connection right now but I'm on a 20Mbps cable connection

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    Grrr.. well, from what I have been reading I have done the main things right, I am using JW player for the streaming, and I am paying for the highest extreme internet from my cable company but obviously with cable download is always higher than upload abilities.

    I guess I may have to pay for a host that can handle the streaming. I really don't want to rely on youtube. It's a great place to get hits and views for sure, but I need to be able to be my own thing so I don't have to worry about them giving me the axe....

    I'll have to test it at my moms house I guess. =/

    Obviously when I use my wife's computer it all plays perfect since we are on the same connection.

    The only other option is to just put the whole video file up and allow people to download it. (which in modern browsers the video will just stream anyways.)

    But that makes it easier for people to steal video.. (Not that anything can really stop people from stealing video if they really want to.)

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    All seems to work for me...except the videos themselves...they're slower than molasses goin' uphill in January (in CANADA!)!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ayanna View Post
    All seems to work for me...except the videos themselves...they're slower than molasses goin' uphill in January (in CANADA!)!!
    Agreed about the videos, they hardly load at all.

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    I didn't read much so far but assume this is a self-hosted website. If so, Let me see your speeds from - The Global Broadband Speed Test - Chances are your upload's not good.

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    This is my internet speed.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2507578669.png 
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    But the problem may be the web server software I am using? Maybe I need different server software for video streaming? (Streaming an FLV file with JW player)

    ....Anyone know?

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    Default Testers needed for my web site stuff

    I'd say just use YouTube. At work we used to host videos ourselves (well, on a cdn, but essentially ourselves), but have switched to YouTube. It's so much easier. We don't have to worry about flash vs. html5 players, it works on all mobile devices, and you can even embed over https. It's a lot easier than hosting it yourself.

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