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    Hello there!
    I'm Brian. An 18 yo. boy, who's been in diapers his whole life!
    I was potty trained, but I never stopped bed wetting.
    As a child, I used to not like diapers. I'd yell "These are for baby's! I'm 5". Although, I've come to terms with it. And have started wearing diapers, day and night. 24/7.

    Since I've never worn anything else but diapers for a long period of time, they're all I'm used too. So I've become completely incontinent.

    I've learned to love who I am, and enjoy the feeling of diapers.
    It's good to love who you are, and this is me.

    Also, I've kept a few baby-ish qualities in my life. I have a pacifier, I like getting changed, and I wear a onsie to bed.

    That's me! Brian.

    Stay diapered my loves xx <3

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    Welcome! I too struggled with bedwetting for a long time. I thougth it was normal for a long time to wear diapers at night, but then it stopped. When goodnites came about my mom started getting those for me and at first i hated them but they grew on me and I am now here today...

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    Welcome aboard Brian!

    You probably have already noticed it but, as opposed to other online places, here you'll find many people who wear diapers for medical reasons and still enjoy them, sometimes along with babyish items too ^^

    There's also a group dedicated to 24/7 wearers:

    Apart from diapers, what else are you into?

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    Hi Brian, welcome to the community. I see in your profile you like to cook. I like to also. I just don't get to do some real cooking very often. I'm usually just eating out, having a bite in the work cafeteria or having a snack at home. See you around the site and again, welcome.


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