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Thread: Fursuit Animal Tails & Ears For (Possible) Sale

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    Default Fursuit Animal Tails & Ears For (Possible) Sale

    Hello all!
    I am wondering wether anyone in the Uk is interested in purchasing exotic big cat tails and ears to wear, I am thinking about making and selling tails and ears from exotic big cats such as tigers, leapords, cheetahs and lion (possibley some more species) for clothing and headbands but im not sure if it is worth getting a website and making a whole bunch of stuff to make a loss so i thought that if i ask around a furry community and see if i can get enough people who would like to purchase and then i might go forth with the plan so let me hear what you think!

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    I wouldn't suggest making a website until you have enough business to make enough profit to pay for supplies and the domain hosting. I would suggest offering commissions on Furaffinity or some other forum. Get a few sales under your belt using a free website, then if money starts coming in, expand and invest. Otherwise you may end up spending a bunch of money and getting nothing in return.

    (Just an FYI, you can't sell it through ADISC. You're not allowed to sell on here.)

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    Most post to there FA page that you can commission a set of ears or tails.
    Hope this helps.

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