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    Today was the first time I changed my diaper while I was out doing some shopping. I was in a town 45 miles away and knew that my diaper wouldn't make it home without leaking. I decided to use the family restroom in Wal-Mart. Why do they have to be in the back of the store? I had to walk all the way through the store with my diaper bag, which is just a NIKE drawstring bag but diaper bag none the less. Anyway, I'm still not sure what to take from it or if I'll do it again. How has y'all's diaper changing experience been when out and about?

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    My only experience came from when i had to change out of a diaper because I was meeting friends. I was in the bathroom at a gas station (big city, not private) and someone came in right as I was putting the diaper in the trash bin. I washed my hands and hoped that the paper towels at least somewhat concealed the diaper but I didn't truly care, I didn't know the other person and was then on my way, though i kinda wished i kept it on when we were at the bar.

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    this pup has been 24/7 for over 10 years - it's a mental need... in unfamiliar places it's easier - so what if someone hears! never see them again... at work, however, it's a communal restroom with lotsa foot traffic, and pup is strangely paranoid about someone hearing / associating changing diaper / strange sounds with pup coming out of stall... pup guesses you just get over it at some point... but there are some situations where this pup is still irrationally paranoid about getting changed! pup's works in a professional environment, and pup's co-workers don't know (that pup knows of!) that pup is diapered 24/7. At the bar (leather bar) however, almost everyone knows pup is diapered, or they quickly figure it out.... there is no paranoia for pup getting changed there!

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