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    Default Me, myself, and I

    Well hello,
    I am a student at some school learning all about some topics. I am here today because I suppose I have worked up the courage to actually speak to like-minded people. This is much more easily said than done (Believe me ).

    Long story short, I am terribly shy, but love diapers and everything about them. *wheew*

    I enjoy life to its fullest; basically I enjoy traveling and meeting new people. That is probably my life's passion. Some other hobbies I have when I become bored are art, music, carpentry, cooking, I love movies, and learning new things.

    I am my happiest when traveling to a foreign country by myself and I get lost. There is a certain survival mode that kicks in and the adrenaline is wonderful. Other than that, when learning someone new, I get a sort of epiphany when everything makes sense. That would be another favorite memory of mine.

    I also tend to ramble when I get nervous

    I suppose my reason for joining you here is because I want to find people that will give support to those with similar interests. This because one of my worst nightmares to discuss everything with people that can't understand my way of thinking.

    I hope my intro was adequate and that I get to meet some new friends soon.

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    welcome aboard It's the same ride for a lot of us! hope you find support and happiness here!

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    Welcome. I too am a student (although a grad student). I can understand the shyness as it took a while for me to even create an account on this site. I knew about it a while back but am just getting involved and meeting some very nice people along the way. I hope you find what you are looking for and can meet some nice people too!

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    Hi Patrick. Sounds like you have had many adventures in foreign lands - how cool is that! What are your favorite countries to get lost in?

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