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Thread: Scared to Buy Diapers!!!

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    Default Scared to Buy Diapers!!!

    Today I went to a small local pharmacy in my village I never been to before for some meds. I then saw the diaper section and had an urge to buy some but I chickened out. I am super scared to buy diapers, wipes, powder, binkies, and basically any baby thing. Can I get Advice??

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    Buy online!

    go to one of the ab stores like their usp is selling to abdl's so they're understanding and deliver discretely and what-have-you. You'll also get cuter diapers this way!

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    When I buy bottles and pacifiers I just pretend it is for a friends baby, if someone would ask.

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    It happens to me when if I ever attempt to buy them in a shop. If you want to buy them in a shop its best to wait untill quite points in the day if possible, and also when you can finally do it just remeber the person behind the counter will probally never see you again and can't make judgements but i understand your worry

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia View Post
    When I buy bottles and pacifiers I just pretend it is for a friends baby, if someone would ask.
    which they never do! I bought some pullups from my local supermarket a few months back. No questions asked, no embarrassment. I'd just say they were for my nephew or something if someone had asked... Try and reason with your embarrassment: what is it you're expecting to happen when you buy them?

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    Go to a pharmacy outside of town, don't dress like you normally do, and park in an out of the way spot.

    I've found that the best method to avoid embarrassment is to talk on the phone. When I have nobody to talk to, I fake. Pretend to be really into the conversation.

    When I buy diapers, pacifiers, and bottles, nobody asks. Period. I've even gotten confident enough to buy them in my own town. I also plan on using the friend's baby excuse, though I usually say niece

    What do I consider worse than an outsider thinking I'm an ABDL? Someone thinking I have a kid already.

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    Theres nothing good in my town so i buy cases form companies If there was a ABDL store in town i would have no problem going in and buying ..I dont really care what people say or think i enjoy wearing and thats that..But for those who laugh i do wish that the next time there stuck in traffic they have an accident ..and not with another car ..LOL

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    I just buy and say thankyou. I still do sometimes even now. The person at the checkout stand was nice and said thankyou. No big deal. Its like they really don't even care about it. But I have to agree online is the best way and better diapers too!

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    I dont have a problem saying there for me if i am asked while buying

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    If youīre too scared/shy/whatever and canīt/donīt want to buy directly, just order your stuff online.
    There are many sites, youīll find everything your heart desires. Everything.
    Fast, easy, and (most times) rather cheap.
    Ah, the internet. Isnīt it a great invention ^^

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