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Thread: Angelsbest 220 on EBAY

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    Question Angelsbest 220 on EBAY

    I have been looking at the Dependco AIO diapers and I just realized that I am too big for their large and they do not have a bigger size. I am now looking at another seller on EBAY Angelsbest223 they have a great seller rating has anyone here tried their AIO diapers?

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    I've seen them on there and they have some nice looking prints. I wonder What kind of polyester liner they have and can they be dryed in a dryer?
    I'm not fond of the one velcro tape on a side. I looked at there XL waist size measurements and they only went up to 46". I've got a good supply
    of Dependeco's. Also wonder if they have a seperate web site?

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    Okay so I bought one of their diapers and the washing instructions say med heat for the dryer. I do not wet every time I wear so was able to wear for almost a week. I wet it this morning and it absorbed so well that I was not sure I did wet. I got a large and the fit is great and while very thick does not cause any issues walking around. I am going to buy more and not buy disposables unless I feel the need for the crinkle or traveling.

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    How do you search for a specific seller on Ebay?

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    That used to be easy. What I would suggest is to search for adult aio diaper. She will be near the top with Dependco. You used to be able to put the seller name in the Ebay search box and have it comes up. They changed that some time back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLScottsman View Post
    That used to be easy. They changed that some time back.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nina View Post
    I just google "ebay [seller's name]". Works!
    Ok, I found the seller. Thanks guys!

    Quote Originally Posted by oleman72 View Post
    I looked at there XL waist size measurements and they only went up to 46".
    I contacted angelsbest223 from Ebay and asked her the following:
    Would it be possible to order an AIO cloth diaper from you with a rise of 36" or 37"? Of course the order would be on a pre-paid basis since this would be a custom order request.

    I received the following reply:
    Hi, Thank you for your interest in our diapers. I did make a template for an XXL with the following measurements: Waist 46" - 62", Rise 37". The price of this diaper is $44.95 plus shipping. Please let me know if you are interested and what fabric you like so I can make sure I have enough fabric for the extra length.
    Thanks again,

    This gave me the idea to contact Monika from Dependeco Diapers and ask her the same question:

    I've ordered from you before, and was wondering if it would be possible if I could order (and of course pre-pay) for an AIO diaper with a rise of 36"?
    Thank you,

    I recieved the following reply:
    No problem. I can make it with a 36" rise, just put that info in a message when you place your order. I make these to order , there is no extra charge for that. Thank you! Monika

    So it appears that we can order AIO cloth diapers beyond the sizes that are shown on the website. Just have to specify for the larger size or higher rise. This is great news for my next order!!

    Just thought to share this with you guys so that it might help others when wanting to place an order for a size that is not listed on their sites.

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