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    Hello! I am 31 years old and from Oklahoma. I am really curious about diapers and found this site. I am not so much curious about wearing diapers - more about taking care of someone who wears diapers....I really like the idea of someone relying on me for everything and me taking care of them. So, I am interested in reading and meeting others. Thanks!

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    If you are planning to be a care giver for a diaper wearer, then the first thing I would recommend is that you wear diapers every day for a week. In that time, use them for their intended purpose. You will know the self-consciousness of thinking everyone will be able to tell you're wearing them when you go out in public; you will know the feel of a well-used diaper bulging between your legs vs a fresh diaper; you will learn of the convenience and comfort they offer; but the best thing you will gain through all of this is a greater sense of compassion for those who wear diapers out of necessity as well as for recreational purposes. May you be fully informed for the greatest profeciency.

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    Hi and welcome to the site. If I don't say it, others will, that this is not a meet up place. We are first and foremost, a support group for those who are attracted to diapers, and for those who are genuinely incontinent. In our introduction post, we usually tell something about ourselves other than are relationship to diapers.

    I'm a professional musician and an educator. I enjoy reading and am published as a writer. For recreation I ride my bike on our bike trail, which goes through the foothills of the Shenandoah Mountains, and crosses the historic James River.

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