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Thread: I will be away for an indetermined length of time

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    Default I will be away for an indetermined length of time

    Well guys, I am degrading from Vista to XP. Assuming it goes well I should be back online tomorrow or even today, but I cannot be sure it will go well. Just to say if I apparently disappear that this is the reason. First thing I am doing once XP is working is getting Firefox and making sure this is a bookmark - but if something gets messed up it could take a few days.

    So cya when I get back. Hopefully that will be 24 hours, but it may not be - for fickle is the way of the computer.

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    Vista does has it's problems. At school we got all new computers, but the techs put Windows XP on them instead of Vista. Of course they would have had to change everything on the server, and we would have had to purchase all new printers, etc.

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    I've done a couple requested downgrades to XP (usually on cheapo Acer laptops with only 1gb of ram). It's a pain in the butt if the system came with new hardware because you have to dig around with XP driver.

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    Someone told me that these newer machines, will have problems if you go back to XP, he said he bought a few machines, at bargin prices with no OS, and then forced them to take XP but he said he had a hard time with it.

    I'm not that computer savy so I only can say what I heard, but I do keep one laptop with XP on it just in case this one screws up, but so far after almost 2 years this vista machine gave me no problems at all (So far).

    I hope everything go's well on your switch....Good Luck

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    Of course, I have not gone missing yet. I was trying to create a Vista recovery DVD, just in case it failed to work when booting XP. Of course for some not as yet known reason it failed so you have me for a few more days (which is good) but because my computer is messed up (which isn't).

    XP will probably work fine, but if it doesn't I don't want to have reformatted it without taking Vista off there first. Oh well - updates on my situation will go here. I would post something in the computer forum in more detail about my problems (see if anyone can solve it) - but been as my Dad is going to be trying to find stuff out about it and my parents have banned me from this sort of site I don't want to risk him coming upon it.

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    I hope everything goes fine and you'll be back up in no time

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    Quote Originally Posted by legobaby View Post
    I hope everything goes fine and you'll be back up in no time
    At this rate I am not going to be gone (not that I want to go, but I want to get off Vista)

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    Till Vista has it's SP2 come out, there is no way I am returning to Vista, I had to reload Vista like 5 times on this computer, I just got sick of it, and switched back to XP.

    I wish you better luck than what fated me.
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    Sorry to hear of your troubles, hope everything works out. Does Vista really suck that bad? I never tried "the mojave experiment" lol.

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    Well, you could solve all your problems and just get a Mac (haha). I do not have a lot of experience with Vista myself due to the fact that I am a Mac user (of course, because I'm a musician who records stuff on my computer), but I've heard some pretty horrible things about it. Why does technology have to suck sometimes? Hope it goes well for you though.

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