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Thread: Are there ABDL Furries whose fursona is always adult (non-BF/DF)?

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    Default Are there ABDL Furries whose fursona is always adult (non-BF/DF)?

    I'm just curious if there are furries out there who are ABDL, but are completely non-ABDL when they are in "furry" mode?

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    I consider my fursona to be adult and non AB/DL, so they are out there yes. But really depends on the person.

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    I'm strictly adult dog, but it's not a big part of my life. It was bigger when I was in college. I'd go out late at night and run through the woods. It was liberating.

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    I myself am a DL but my furry character is not.

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    like bigbluehusky im a DL and when this cat's in the furr its about the furr

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    I'm an adult male buck rat but I sometimes allow myself to get diapered with only close friends. Same IRL. Only a select few know about it. ;3

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    For me personally I keep the two separated somewhat. For stuff like my fursuit I wear. I never do any AB/DL stuff related with it. But as in terms of my fursona and art I get commissioned of him, it depends on the situation. For the most part I have yet to get a picture of my adult version showing any AB/DL stuff in it. But as a babyfur. That is a different story.

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    My fursona is always an adult when it comes to artwork and fursuiting. I see myself though as the toddler version of my fursona.

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    Yes, I'm that way. I will babyfur/diaperfur RP with two or three other furries that I know, but to the general public, my fursona is 100% adult.

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