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Thread: Scuba here!

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    Default Scuba here!

    SO i'm brand spankin' new on this site today like 10 to 15 minutes ago.

    call me Scuba *wink*

    You can fully blame Jakethefox for introducing me to this place. And if I do anything wrong tell me before kicking me in the nuts.

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    Raccoons don't kick people. They give lectures. But they would rather not; it is better if everyone plays nice.

    Any friend of Jakethe:fox: is welcome. Welcome to the wonderful world of ADISC.

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    And Yesh, I am the Scuba from SL. No idea who you might be.....

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    Moo is Moo.

    To ask Moo (or our other mods) something, without having to chase them, there is an amazingly cool and effective utility on the forums: if you click "Adisc Community" at the top left of the page, then on the next page, scroll down the list of forums, and under "Administrative Stuff" you will see "Special Forums." The first of these, "Requests Forum" is like a wall in facebook. Just go into the "Request Forum," click on "New Thread," and you will create a thread that only our moderators and the person who creates the thread (you, in this case) can read/post to. That is where you'll get your answer, generally very quickly. We have mods in enough time-zones that someone is nearly always around.

    If the issue is not a private matter, and has to do with the mechanics of the forum, please feel free to create a new thread in "Administrative Matters" where you can pose your questions and receive answers. As a rule, if an issue doesn't demand a mod's attention, it is preferable not to add to their workload.

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    Welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

    Makes me happy to see that people are reffering people here! It is really good for site growth.

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    imma get everyone else from SL to get on here that I know ^^, Good to finally see ya here mate ^^

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