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Thread: 2013 Blizzard: Nemo

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    Default 2013 Blizzard: Nemo

    Hey guys just thought I wish anyone effected by Nemo the last few days, a safe and prosperous recovery. I was in one of the harder hit areas. Nemo whacked us with over 2FT of snow and my town was with out power for a few days.

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    I had it the same as you, as far as the amount of snow, luckily the power was only lost for a few moments sometime between when I went to bed 3am, and when my parents got up 4:30am. Other then that though, the power and internet, was fine. There were some crazy snow drifts though, I had one about five feet high piled up in front of my back door :O

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    Power went out for me Friday around 8pm. Just got power this morning at 5am. Ran out of cell phone power last night. Lucky we have a gas stove and flash lights

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    30" of snow is no big deal for us storm hardened New Englanders! My power was only out for a short time and my house is still standing though the warehouse next to my shop collapsed. Been plowing and shoveling for 2 days and the roads are almost passable. Life is good for a day or two.... another Northeaster is forecasted.
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    So glad I'm in middle America. All you easterners fare well, okay?

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    It passed through us here in Virginia as a cold rain. All we got was very high winds. I am sorry for those who have lost their power, not having any heat. We went through that in the late 90's and it lasted for 5 days. Fortunately I have a wood stove, so we lived in the family room. I got up every two hours during the night to put wood in the stove. I had the dampers wide open. One always has to find a way to survive in these things.

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    I drove in the snow for the first time. It was kickass. xD
    Un-plowed streets make lil' husky very happy when he feels mischievous and has access to a vehicle! x3
    I got stuck on a hill and got out the New Englander way -- by violently steering back and forth and revving my engine. I reached the top of the hill to fanfare by local shoveling homeowners. I love my neighborhood. xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by ipfreely2day View Post
    So glad I'm in middle America. All you easterners fare well, okay?
    I live in Middle America and we just had a blizzard also, so I feel bad for the easterners but we had one too, so huh.

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