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Thread: Need some tips.

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    Question Need some tips.

    Recently I have been wearing a diaper to bed, but every night I seem to get a terrible nights sleep. I wake up every few hours and have to re-arrange myself and then have to struggle to get back to sleep only to find out that I will wake up a couple of hours later yet again. I was wondering if there were any tips people had so to help me sleep for most/all of the night.

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    Not really sure I understand your situation. What exactly do you mean by "rearrange" yourself? Is it a matter of a maladjusted diaper, or a matter of rearranging the jewelry....what? Are you waking up to use the restroom? Please give us more specifics to go on. Thanks.

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    Re-arrange like my whole body, I dont know really how to explain it but it is nothing about the "jewelry" or diaper fitting, it just seems that Im uncomfortable in a diaper and am looking for tips on how to get used to it. (Should've just made that my question)

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    When you wake up during the night what are you having to rearange? Also are you trying to wet in your sleep? Or are you trying to stay dry?
    It's hard to give advice or tips when you don't tell us what you want to achive.

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    I am trying to wet in my sleep but that is no issue. Lets look at SIDF for example, one of the points is actually sleeping throughout the night. It seems that when I put on a diaper, for some reason I just can't relax I guess and just dont sleep enough. It seems like Im up all hours of the night because my body isnt used to the padding down there. Im just asking how people got used to sleeping in a diaper and if they had any tips/tricks on how they did that.

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    What it will take is wearing a diaper every night so your body can get adapted to sleeping in one. If your also thinking about wetting I would get pull up
    style plastic pants for leak protection. Stay away from plastic pants with snaps if your a side sleeper as these pants have a tendancy to leak out the sides.
    After a little time goes by you should become adjusted and sleeping should be okay. Another thing you could consider is using a pacifier.

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    Really, you think that using a pacifier would help? Interesting. I'll try that one out tonight and get back to you, thanks for the tips! Exactly what I was looking for.

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    As oleman says, wearing more often will help. I was in the same position you were in, however eventually my body got used to it. I also found try different things to see what makes you the most relaxed. For me I must wear plastic or rubber pants over any diaper as a minimum and if I'm in that kind of mood I'll wear my waddle onesie from and then my sleeper over everything. For others it may be simple things like a stuffed bear, so it's good to try different things out to see what relaxes you the most. If you find something then keep doing it since it works .

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    Just try to relax and take some deep breaths too. Pacifier will help if you are used to it. Try to think of some happy thoughts will help to keep your mind off of your diaper. The best is to wear diapers more often. I use the Dry 24/7 every night it a great diaper and no leaks.

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    Wearing at night takes some getting used to. I had the same issue when I started wearing to bed, but now it's no problem. I do find that I wake up a little if I have to wet, but I can go right back to sleep. Once you get used to it you should have less problems.

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