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Thread: A question for DL's

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    Default A question for DL's

    I am not contemplating being a DL, because I simply hate wearing, and I detest the "accidents" with a passion... (no offence intended, I am just the way I am!)

    I'm just intrigued and would love to know from you all, how did you find out/realise you were actually a DL, and how long between when you found out/realised and when you plucked up the courage to wear Diapers/Nappies etc?

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    I kept going to AB/DL forums and the term diaper lover kept being thrown around. I started to wonder if I was one too because I had an interest in them. I asked one of my online friends if I am one and she said she would say I am. I may have seen the word adult baby early as 1997 because I remember using that word in my stories back then and then all of a sudden, the term diaper lover was something new in my teens. I may have been 15 when I first saw the word or I was 17. But I didn't think right away "oh I am a diaper lover." Then about three months later, I bought my first pack of diapers after discovering I am a DL at the age of 17.

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    In my case it came to me when i was growing up and had to wear goodnites for bedwetting. I didn't like having to wear them but at the same time I loved wetting them. I'd wet them a little before going to bed, and would still wake up with them soaked. I always wanted to stay in them but my parents stopped buying for me. Then I moved out for college and got back into diapers then.

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    I was hooked since before I was even off of them at age 4. don't really know why...... I don't remember when or why it became sexual, it just kind of....did. though i thought it was weird, I didn't learn that there were others like me until i got my own computer a few years ago, as I was afraid to search on my parents computer in case they checked the search history.....

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    Back when I was 13 years old I like the feel of diapers. So I got back into it again. But now I have to wear diapers every night or I will wet the bed again. But I still like diapers even now.

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    It was incredibly interesting for me. It was always in the back of my mind when I was really little (I would always be enthralled by diaper ads on TV), and I know that my parents "noticed" something when I was little in that I may have been potty trained but I refused to give up diapers and wear underwear immediately. I just really liked the feeling of them. However me being young, I thought that once you were out of diapers, you were out for good. It wasn't until I was 6 and saw my first ad for Goodnites that I realized that even bigger kids could wear diapers. I also simulated diapers constantly with layers of underwear, and I knew I was a DL but I didn't know what a DL was back then (it wouldn't be until high school that I learned about AB/DL). I didn't decide to act on getting actual diapers until I was 12-13, and that first pack of Goodnites sealed it for me. Back then it was the comfort factor I enjoyed. The sexual aspect actually happened by accident when I decided to try wetting diapers. It was VERY hard at first, but once I got used to it, it just got to feel......really good! Now, I am at peace with myself and sitting in a pair of Depends Fitted Maximums as I write.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainVimes View Post
    how did you find out/realise you were actually a DL
    fantasies --> look up diaper stories on the Internet

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainVimes View Post
    how long between when you found out/realised and when you plucked up the courage to wear Diapers/Nappies etc?
    5 years or so

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    I don't think there was a clear moment. It happened as a transition. I must have enjoyed it from the get-go but I started experimenting with home-made stuff when I was going through puberty. I moved to adult diapers in the last few years when I finely got comfortable buying online. so, yeah, DL from about the age of 3/4 (circa mid-1980s). knowingly ABDL from about 2009.

    I've always known, for as long as i can remember, that I was into diapers.

    I don't really have a vocabulary for it. it's good. it's what I do. it's more tied to emotion than reason... For me, trying to explain it to someone that isn't DL is a bit like trying to explain the colour yellow to someone who sees in black and white (for want of a better analogy)

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    I'm not sure I ever had an age when I was not interested in diapers. After I was potty trained I continued to have accidents. There was even a time when I'd be put down for a nap, without diapers of course, and I would literally let myself leak a little, until I could see the spot on my trousers...then I'd go to sleep on my tummy. As a teenager I often wet my pants while doing the chores, such as working calves, gathering eggs, whatever I was supposed to do. I'd just make sure I stayed outside long enough for my pants to dry before going in. I worked for awhile in a grocery store, and would occasionally steal a pair of plastic pants from the baby items aisle, go to the restroom and put them on. They were terribly tight, but it was such a turn on, restraining myself was out of the question. Now as a senior aged adult, I've not only gone to diapers 24/7, but I've convinced my wife of their convenience and comfort,, so now she wears, too, though not 24/7 (yet).

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    When I was 6 or 7, I would wear diaper samples we got in the mail. My younger brother was out of diapers but we still occasionnaly received some. I would keep them in my room and wear them at night for fun.
    The idea was on my mind on and off untill I turned 13. Internet was becoming what it is now and I made a search on day and found supplyers of diapers. At first I only looked at product photos but soon discovered DL and TB websites. Downloading images took a good 2 minutes each back then. Dialup internet sucked.
    But that hooked me. I was not alone anymore.
    I soon found another DL in my erea and he gave me some real diapers. Then I mustered the "balls" to buy some for myself.

    I was wearing frequently at the age of 15 and today, I wear every nights. I even go 2 or 3 days full times during the week.

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