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    Default Hello, I suppose

    I've been informed that I'm apparently a "lurker" and that I should post something. I thought about posting when I first joined, but I was ashamed/shy (as my name might suggest). I'm not new to the dl fetish -- I guess I've been one since I was little. SO. Hello, all. I apologize for being such a scaredy cat.


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    I should also note that I'm a theatre student in my last semester at college.

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    I'm a huuuge movie buff, I have a wonderful girlfriend (the best), and I like to play frisbee. I'm also a virtuoso at hide-and-go-seek. My friends and I play a lot (yes, even at 22, hide and seek is still fun). It's funny, I was so scared to post something, but once I did, I just keep adding to this. weird.

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    Hi and welcome.

    I see you are a theater student and are a movie buff. Just wondering what kinds you like the best, comedy, adventure, etc.

    See you around the site.


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