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    Have any of you guys used a bedwetting alarm. I came back from iraq (2008)and have ptsd and yes i am bedwetting again. I thought that an alarm might help and which is the best please let me know

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    I tried all sorts of alarms - and setting the radio to wake up so as to go to the toilet - and going to bed very late without having anything to drink but nothing worked well. If you mean the sort of alarm that has a sensor and wakes you once wetness completes a electrical circuit my experience was that at best I woke up still peeing and at worst the damn thing didn't go off at all. No kind of "regime" is an alternative to seeking medical advice - especially if you haven't had an investigation before as it might be possible to sort things out fairly simply and quickly or (worst case scenario) the wetting might be a sign of something else that needs sorting.

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