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Thread: X-Plus or Tena Slip

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    Default X-Plus or Tena Slip

    Hi guys,

    Next weekend will be the first at home completely by myself for ages so I want to use that opportunity to buy some diapers so they can be delivered when no-one else is in. However, its been so long since I bought online, I can't remember which diapers are best. I have been using some Boots diapers which are ok but only hold one real wetting and they're quite expensive when you consider that.
    I seem to remember that Tena Slips and Abri-Form X-Pluses are the better diapers but which one would you recommend?

    Thanks everyone

    4b - Tena Slip Maxi (Medium) | Tena Slip | Adult Diapers / Nappies (Tena Slips, claim to have 2100 - 3900 ml capacity)

    M4 - Abri-Form PREMIUM (Medium - Extra Plus) | Abri Form PREMIUM | Adult Diapers / Nappies (X-Pluses, claim to have 3600 ml capacity)

    EDIT: If any of you kind people have chance, would you see if any of the pad products on that site are boosters to be put inside diapers to increase absorbency. I don't quite understand what some of the descriptions are suggesting. Thanks

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    My experiences with Tena Slip maxis far surpass my experience with Abri-form. It seems to vary person to person though. For many Abri-form fit much better and absorb much better and for many it's other way round. In my experience Abri-forms fit me horribly and always leaked. Not to mention the cloth back left a consistent dampness on my clothes if I wasn't wearing plastic pants.

    So far my experience with Maxi have far surpassed any other diaper though. Their absorbency and urine distribution is phenomenal!

    Hope I helped

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    Have not tried X-Plus yet but I found I didn't get on too well with tena either. I generally use Cuddlz at the moment.

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    Thanks guys

    I have found another website which sell booster pads, tena slips, abri-form air-pluses and tena bed pads all in one place so I think I might indulge and buy all of them haha

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    I've tried both Tena Maxi and Abena X-Plus, and while its very close, I prefer Tenas because the Abenas are just a bit TOO thick and bulky for me, as I need to be able to wear all day every day, out at work etc.

    If Abena M3's were more widely available I'd probably buy those but very few places in the UK supply them, and I think M2s would be not quite enough for me. Tena Maxi's fill that gap perfectly for me.

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    Default Re: X-Plus or Tena Slip

    I can too account for tena's awesomeness, it's the storebought diaper that makes it bearable to be a babyfur here in mexico, at least for the ones of us who cant buy them from the internet due to cost/shipping/lack of credit card.
    They do hold a very good amount of liquid and are generally well built, i've had only around 3 defective diapers in almost 3 years of buying them regularly

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    Another vote for Tena Slip!

    I also think tena looks less clinical as well

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    I'd recommend the Tena Slip Maxi. They're easy enough to get hold of, they're relatively cost effective, have pretty good absorbancy and, of course, they are plastic backed.

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    Tena for sure

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