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Thread: Just found out im a diaper lover

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    Default Just found out im a diaper lover

    Hello, i just recently learned about the abdl lifestyle/community. I have been intrigued with diapers my whole life. I just didnt know why and i thought it was weird. It is great meeting other people that enjoy diapers too. I just started wearing them a couple weeks ago and i continue to like wearing them more and more often.

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    I should also add that i enjoy sports and reading. I tend to be a very active person and i love the outdoors. I work professionally now in the banking industry. I joined this forum to learn more about being a diaper lover and hear other peoples experiences. As i said it is new to me that other people enjoy this too so its nice to have other people to talk to.

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    welcome aboard! Yeah it blew my mind when I first discovered the ABDL phenomenon. I certainly felt like the only one who was into nappies and babyish stuff. turns out we're not alone

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    Default Re: Just found out im a diaper lover

    You sound like me last year. I was interested in diapers since I was 3 and discovered adisc last year. I had used makeshifts until a few years ago but finally got Depends and felt at home. Now I only get Bambinos.

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    Default Re: Just found out im a diaper lover

    Imagine being an abdl before the internet was evolved. I lived a very small part of my life feeling alone and had no idea why I had so much interest in diaper since I can remember.

    When I first got a hold of the internet, It took me awhile before I actually looked up diapers. I believe the term was "I like diapers". I was stunned and amazed that I wasn't the only one.
    Im still somewhat amazed of how many people that are out there like me. Just imagine all the people who have no idea that think they may be alone in this.

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    Welcome aboard. We don't bite (except for those crazy furries [and by that I mean the dogs]). Make yourself at home.

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    Yes you sound like me to years ago I was wetting my pants at the age of mid 40's until I got a computer and found the old yahoo rooms of guys and gals in diapers and could no believe the amount of people that were just like me,,,so I was not so wiered after all eh...Now I cant get enough wearing and wetting and even still wetting my pants but just here in the house..Have fun be safe and yes be wet like I am right now....

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    Congratulations on your discovery Evan! I think almost every single one of us has been there.... thinking that we are the only one like this in the world. But luckily... we're not!

    Btw - Welcome to adisc! It's a really great place for support and to make new friends. I can't say I like the outdoors or sports much though.... Although, in my pre-car days I used to ride my bicycle 20+ miles a day and I loved it. Maybe someday I will buy a bike again.....

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    Thanks for the welcome. It has been great talking with other people that enjoy diapers too or that have to wear them. I have been able to build the confidence to talk to my girlfriend about it and she is very supportive and amazing. It actually has helped us grow even closer emotionally which has been wonderful. Now im just trying out different samples to see which diapers i like best. Winner so far is abena abri-flex.

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    Welcome to the boards, I still feel like the day I found out there was a Diaper community was one of the best days of my life. If you are looking for diapers that are more geared towards our community check out Bambinos or ABUniverse

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    Yes, i know what you mean. It was such a relief to fin other people and so exciting too. Thanks for the tip, i did get the abu ultra sample pack on abuniverse and ive tried a couple so far. I definitely have heard great things about bambinos too so im excited to give those a try.

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