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Thread: Ok, which one of you is this?

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    wow, is it really journalism when they create the story themselves?

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    ok, thats just gross, and I do mess mine regularly

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    Haha u got to lov the Finnish anyway if your asking if a person from the ab/dl did this i dont think this is ab/dl related but still funny.

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    I double an AB or DL would do that without the use of padding.

    I doubt an AB or DL would do that without the use of padding
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    While I have admittedly messed in public, I also have made quick exits from such venues, its not something I want to be known by aside from passing gas 'The Stinky One' of which I am certainly guilty (once visited a crawl space 2 years after I cut one there and still caught a whiff of it), down to the point some electricians called me 'Shrek' a couple of times, I don't think I have any Finnish ancestry, but this is something I am certainly not would involve myself with, my first response to such an accident would be to get off the bus on the very next opportunity and change

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