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Thread: Half life mods??

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    Default Half life mods??

    just wondering if anybody plays any half life mods???

    im all about my DoD (Day of Defeat) and a bit of couter-strike

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    Are you talking Half Life 1 or HL2 and the HL2 episodes?

    In Half Life two there's a way to get the portal gun in it though the AI won't respond to them in anyway sadly.

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    I'm assuming you're talking about Half Life 2 and its Source engine. Wikipedia actually has a page listing popular mods. I hope you find the article informative and useful!

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    I should download the PC port of that PSX extension of HL1 I don't remember the name.

    Also, Team Fortress Classic.

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    I play with some of the mods every now and then... for both HF and HF2.

    I'ved played Ricochet, DoD, TFC and TF2, CS and CSS... As for independent mods... The Specialists (and TSRP), The Hidden, and many others.

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