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Thread: My experience project. 10 days diapered.

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    Default My experience project. 10 days diapered.

    So a situation has presented itself in my life that has never been practice before. After 10 years my wife and I have separated (very amicably) and as a result she has taken a friend on our planned vacation with her family instead of me. I am back in the house taking care of the dogs. I had booked my vacation before our desperation and was not able to change it so I am suffering through a staycation in the middle of a Canadian winter.

    As a side benefit this is the first time in my life I have been alone in a house for this long. I have always wanted to try wearing diapers 24/7, even if just temporarily, and to make the best of a situation now is my chance.

    I have been a DL since before puberty and wearing diapers when I can since I was 10. My normal diaper wearing is very sporadic due to the arrangement with my former wife. Let's just call it see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil. As a result I would occasionally wear a thick diaper, usually with some booster pads and drink enough liquids to sink a row boat and flood my diaper. Today I am starting 10 days of diapers with a ton of questions I hope to answer. I will have to take a half day break for a minor medical appointment but other than that I plan to wear and use diapers for good or bad.

    I hope to answer a few questions. 1. Is there a point where I will start to not want to wear a diaper, how will I deal with that. 2. How will I deal with the possible leaks and side effects such as diaper rash. 3. What things in my daily routine will be modified as a result of 'needing' to wear diapers. 4. Will I become habituated to wetting my diaper after just ten days.

    I am already journaling my experience and if there is interest I can share those journals here.

    Wish me luck.

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    Congrats. I'd be very interested to read your journals as it is apparent that you write well. As the saying often goes around here, "once you go 24/7, you don't go back!" And further kudos for making the best out of a clearly tough situation. I hope that the diapers provide you with some comfort during this difficult time.

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    My first night was a little more typical of my diaper wearing pattern. To much fluid and to thick of a diaper but hey, it's the first day of my staycation. My second day has produced far more thoughtful musings so far but you will have to wait until the day is over to read them.

    Tuesday journal entries.

    First diaper. I have diapered myself at 9 pm with a bellissimo. Just as it is, no extra tape or padding. I should be diapered now for the next 44 hours or so. If I work up the courage maybe longer.

    2230 An hour and a half and 2 minor urinations, my diaper is holding well. It's going to be a heavy flow night, I've already broken out the vodka. I hope I can hold up to a week and some of this. Right now it is very comfortable and enjoyable. I have setup my diapers in the downstairs bathroom. Only room to change standing in there.

    00:20 First diaper done at 3 hrs but that was an xl coffee and 3 alcoholic drinks in me. Now I have gone for the super size diaper. A bellissimo with not one but two boosters and some extra tape lower on the legs. A single diaper doesn't get thicker than this. It's now 20 after 12 and I am still going strong. More vodka down the hatch. We'll see how long it is before I am sick of wearing a diaper. It doesn't matter much because I am going to wear a diaper every possible second until my staycation is over. 10 days left....

    0400 a quick change into another super diaper and then off to bed. I am sure that will last until morning (noon.)

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    Some advice.

    1. Is there a point where I will start to not want to wear a diaper, how will I deal with that.
    There really is actually a point that you'll reach where you don't want to wear anymore. Once you kind of get over the normal ABDL fun of being short term padded it might start to wear on you a bit. But really you just need to persist through that because then you'll either simply accept it or actually start to enjoy it all again (like I did).

    2. How will I deal with the possible leaks and side effects such as diaper rash.
    Possible leaks I mainly handled with a good pair of plastic pants whenever I thought there was reasonable risk that I might. Things like in bed if I'd been wearing it beforehand (if I just put it on as I went to bed I usually didn't worry) or if I was going to be out for a while or making trips with a car. As we all know even premium diapers don't exactly have maximum usage or sufficient leak guards for sitting down frequently.

    Diaper rash I never really had to deal with but if you just powder up with every change and make sure to keep an eye out for any signs you should be fine.

    3. What things in my daily routine will be modified as a result of 'needing' to wear diapers.
    That's really up to you and your own daily routine as it's different from any of ours. You'll probably know already what sort of activities you have that might be effected by wearing, things like sport, work or even sleeping for some (though really if you're at that point in your ABDL "career" that you're going 24/7 you should be sleeping like a baby while padded ).

    Things you'll need to pay most attention to include:
    • Finding places to change
    • Recognising when you need to or should change
    • How you'll handle work (if you'll be doing that, possibly not since you had a vacation planned)
    • Social gatherings (changing, general hanging out, discretion with supplies etc. )
    • General Living

    ^^ I had another point but I can't remember it right now so I might edit it in later.

    4. Will I become habituated to wetting my diaper after just ten days.
    It will certainly become a 'habit' but you won't suffer any sort of control issues as a result. You may find that you'll have to make more trips to the bathroom for a couple of days following but that just seems to be normal considering how you've changed all your patterns and such.

    My info is based on several weeks / a month straight wearing so not exactly a 12 month vet like some guys
    Also I'd like to see these Journals if you wouldn't mind sharing

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    Good, entertaining read so far. Can't wait for more...

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    I'll actually be doing this in a few days. I'm interested to read your experiences and see what you liked.

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    Default Re: My experience project. 10 days diapered.

    My recommendation is to put your diaper on while laying down as often as you can. The fit will be much better this way.

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    Default Sv: My experience project. 10 days diapered.

    Yes should be nice to follow this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeTaLMaNN1983 View Post
    My recommendation is to put your diaper on while laying down as often as you can. The fit will be much better this way.
    I will try that, at least for a day or two and include it in my journals.

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    I wrote and mused a lot today. A few discussion points in there if anyone is interested in discussing them. I hope my thoughts can start some discussions.

    Wednesday journal entries.

    1400 Well, play time is over and the actual experience begins. I woke up early and flooded my diaper, around 7am. A side effect of to much drink. I finally got up around noon. Isn't vacation great, especially if you're a night owl. I had to have shower to shake off the cobwebs and as soon as I was dry I applied another Bellissimo. No booster, just as it should be worn. I have to go out to run a few errands later. We'll see how that goes.

    1830 What to do. The Bellissimo is is so good that after 4 hours and 2 wettings it is still not full. How should you decide when to change weighing cost vs comfort and skin condition vs the chance of a leak. I think this is a question that should be thrown out to the forums. I think people's responses might be I interesting.

    1930 used a toilet for the first time in almost 24 hours. Number 2 of course. A fresh, clean diaper is so comfortable.

    2030 Fresh and clean didn't last long. It has occurred to me that I have never really thought about how often I go to the bathroom. Now I am noticing and analyzing it so I can plan my diaper changes. First thing in the morning after my first morning pee I didn't go for a couple of hours. Since then it has been almost hourly that I have peed. Wearing diapers has made me much more aware. Is this a shared experience or is it just because it is a new experience. Another topic for discussion on the forums.

    2130 Yep, once an hour. Maybe I should cut back on the coffee.

    2330 Time to change again. The Bellissimo is a fantastic diaper. Comfortable, well made and very absorbent. I feel very safe and confident wearing one but it is so insanely thick, especially when wet. For me this presents a minor problem in that I will be wearing a diaper around people that I don't want to find out tomorrow. My option is to wear a Tena super. It has a soft exterior which makes it quieter, it has decent absorbency but no where near the quality and security of the Bambino or Abena products. I will have to be careful how much I drink before going out as I will also not have access to an area to change, again because of discretion. Honestly, neither would be much of an issue if I were out and open about wearing diapers as I would just change part way through the day or wear the thicker diaper and not worry about it being noticed.

    I am still wearing the same diaper I put on at 2330. I have only wet in it once so I am going to sleep in it.

    Diaper tally
    3 Bellissimo's
    6 Belleissimo's
    4 Abri-let boosters

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