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Thread: Whats Your Diaper Wish?

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    Default Whats Your Diaper Wish?

    If you could wish for anything diaper related, what would it be?

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    A family, group of friends, and S/O who embraces and accepts my uniqueness

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    For me to have the guts to tell my wife of my love for diapers and for her to accept it with open arms.

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    A girlfriend who would accept my furryness and love for diapers, and love me for who I am.

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    a family who accepts me for who i am and a girlfriend who accepts it too

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    I'd just take a lifetime supply of Bambino Bellismo's. Those things are just awesome.

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    It seems like a common theme here is acceptance. Me too, I would love a girlfriend who shares my uniqueness and would let me diaper and daddy her.

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    I don't mean to be boring, but acceptance!

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    i would want my girl friend to embrasse diapers and for a pill you could take to make you dipaer dependant for a period of time. that would be so funn

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    I agree!! Group of friends would be nice and society to accept so diaper wearers can feel comfortable to change anywhere without shame or embarrassment!

    Quote Originally Posted by H0TWH33LS View Post
    A family, group of friends, and S/O who embraces and accepts my uniqueness

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