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Thread: The Psychology Behind Diapers

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    Post The Psychology Behind Diapers

    I find that it's been a largely undiscussed but very pondered topic. What is it that makes us how we are? I've fished through the forum for answers but the only posts I've found discuss Freud, but all of his theories lack empirical evidence. Then, I realized I'd do a bit of an informal study of my own.

    I largely conducted this based on objective self-observation (If anyone finds my "Field Notes" notebook, that's going to be interesting to explain away..) and based on surveying several *B/DLs as well as non-*B/DLs (almost all of them being aware of *B/DLism to varying degrees.

    So with my experiment and control, I set off on a mission. The responses I received and the self-analyses I made yielded several coinciding results that set off 'a-ha' lightbulbs.

    My experiment group involved 24 individuals between the ages of 16 and 31 (including myself) who identified as *BDL in some form. The breakdown is as follows:
    -6 who identified as strictly *B. (Group A)
    -5 who identified as strictly DL. (Group B)
    -6 who identified as both to some degree. (Group C)
    -7 non *B/DLs. (Group D)

    1. An overwhelmingly positive correlation between Group A and C and an influential mother figure, many times paired with a weak or completely non-factor father figure. Not so much for group B, however. Either parent's influence seemed to have, at most, slightly more than insignificant effects on Group B and some of Group C.
    2. Both A's and most C's reported that they've felt attraction to diapers/regression as far back as their memory goes. B's were mixed, with two falling into the "as long as I can remember" group and the others stating the realization of the attraction at an average of around age 9. C's were mixed as well. There was, however, a majority who fell into the "as long as I can remember" group. It is also worth noting that all who realized attraction to diapers my have done so around age 9, but did not realize the sexual merit until the mean age of 12.
    3. Out of the 17 *BDL's studied, 11 admit experiencing traumatic events in early childhood - not necessarily remembering them (However, some did.) but having had the experience recounted to them by family members.

    This is all I'm going to put up for now, there's plenty more, but I'm going to make this post way too long if I included all of that. I'll add to it, I suppose, if people are interested. Anyways, the conclusions I've made so far is that *Bs seem to develop interest in early childhood while DLs seem to develop interest in pre-pubescence. But what really interests me is this three-year gap I'm left to think about. I mean, could it be that there was a genuinely innocent interest in diapers that became sexualized as the individual(s) progressed through puberty? The one way I can see it is behavioralism: To be blunt - If you learn to get off to it, you train yourself to always get off to it. So perhaps all DL were, at one point, ABs? Feel free to add thoughts and ask questions. I understand that this study is small and surely biased in some form despite the efforts to keep bias out of it. It's still a growing study, however, and I want to keep adding to it.

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    I think that while it's fun to study this stuff, the vast body of professional research on it (as well as fetishism in general, although some may not like that word) seems to indicate that there's no single cause or "typical" case.

    But you never know, you might find something. I would just warn you that these types of overly qualitative studies tend to be subject to misinterpretation. If you want this to truly be scientific, you would be best served giving each respondent questions worded the exact same way. You'd be surprised how much wording changes response, or even the presence/absence of other questions.

    Let me put it this way - if you ask them how they identify (in terms of AB/DL), it seems perfectly reasonable to me to be suspicious that it would influence "How influential was your mother figure?" Because those who just answered that they were babies of some sort have just thought about being babied, while the rest have not. You might get different answers if you asked the questions in reverse order.

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    Lovely thread Husky.
    My first recollection of loving diapers was 2-3 years of age.
    I used to play baby when i was 3-4 years old, and the love of diapers was all important even back them.
    I then loved diapers from age 5 till present and have been strictly DL ever since.
    Whats interesting though is how it was probably sexual before i even knew of sexuality and stayed with me all these years.
    Amazingly your theory about DL's once being AB, is correct in my case.

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    In my case i was force diapered around 6 or7 that hooked me felt something i was missing.

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    BitterGrey did some surveys of AB/DLs with some very interesting results. One interesting finding is that a mere 2% of the thousand-plus ABDLs in his first survey reported that they thought their interest in diapers came about as a result of a traumatic event. The vast majority of ABDLs who took the survey did not attribute their interests to abuse or trauma.

    Trauma and Exposure Among AB/DLs

    Another interesting finding is that the type of diaper AB/DLs prefer isn't necessarily the type of diaper they wore as children. There have been three major shifts in diapering practices since the 1940s: from cloth with rubber pants to cloth with plastic pants, then to plastic-backed disposables, then to disposables with cloth-like covers. BitterGrey asked AB/DLs what type of diaper they wore as children and what type of diaper they fantasized about. The average age of those who prefer cloth with plastic pants is about five years older than the average age of those who wore cloth and plastic pants as children. The average age of those who prefer plastic-backed disposables is about five years older than the average age of those who wore plastic-backed disposables as children.

    This suggests that the average AB/DL tends to fantasize about the type of diaper that they saw when they were around age five, rather than the type of diaper they actually wore themselves. So it seems that something significant in the development of AB/DL fantasies often happens around that age. That's consistent with my experiences; the earliest diaper fantasy I can remember involved my kindergarten teacher and people from my kindergarten class, so I must have been five or six when I had it. I know a lot of other AB/DLs who date their interest to age five or six.

    Diaper Preference among AB/DLs

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    My was back when I was 13 years old I started getting into diapers again. But being a bed wetter I have to wear every night. But I also had fantasies too. I like the feeling of diapers too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HuskyAllie View Post
    objective self-observation
    I don't think you know what 'objective' means. Self-reporting of anything is inherently subjective.

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    Default The Psychology Behind Diapers

    What type of questions did you ask?

    What exactly were trying to prove or were you looking for statistically significant data or outliers?

    I find it interesting, however, that's quite a limited sample size and may not necessary be statistically significant.

    I remember there was a college student about a year ago who asked us to fill out his survey, I wonder what the results were. I think he was working on his masters...??

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    Quote Originally Posted by AshleyAshes View Post
    I don't think you know what 'objective' means. Self-reporting of anything is inherently subjective.
    I very much know what objective means.
    by 'objective self-observation' I meant 'as objective as I can be about my own experiences and how they could tie in to this side of me.'
    That was the purpose of my counter-weight statement "I understand that this study is small and surely biased in some form despite the efforts to keep bias out of it."
    I understand that a self-observation cannot be totally objective.

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    I would love to read more of your findings!

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