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Thread: Eating out

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    Lightbulb Eating out

    I was wondering if anyone else kinda felt childish when they eat out. By which I mean accidently making a mess, or getting the food around your face. I have this problem especially with chicken wings and ribs, does anyone else have this happen or do you have other foods that cause this problem for you?

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    The more childish I feel the better ^^

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    For me, when it comes to wings, its kind of hard to feel childish at Hooters.......

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    There are a few places I can feel a little childish. Eating ribs or basically any food with just your hands like crawfish, clams, mussels. I love going to places that serve that kind of food and give you a bib and some wet wipes. Good food and I have a fun time getting a little messy.

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    I totally forgot about getting crab legs at a restaurant, I'll admit, when they bring out the bib, i act shy about it, but i do rather enjoy it. If only to keep my shirt clean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NyanFloyd View Post
    For me, when it comes to wings, its kind of hard to feel childish at Hooters.......
    LOL I can imagine. xD

    I'm not a huge fan of getting messy, but any kid's meals where you get to use your hands (chicken nuggets, fruit slices, animal crackers, whatever) are pretty fun.

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    Being a babyfur isn't going to compel me to be a disgusting and messy eater. If anything, it would ruin all feeling for me.

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    I'm not saying i do it on purpose, but you know, it happens

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    i use a bib out in public and cant help but make a mess and i feel well small and childish.

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