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Thread: Best winter sports diaper?

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    Default Best winter sports diaper?

    I'm going on a ski trip soon and was hoping to get some real world advice about using diapers in winter time.

    When I'm really enjoying myself on the slopes, the last thing I want to do is have to take off all my equipment, walk in heavy boots, find the bathroom and try to find my junk behind 8 billion layers of clothing while simultaneously trying not to urinate on said clothing.

    There is an obvious solution, but I've never worn diapers outside for an extended period in winter, let alone all day while being active.

    My questions are as follows,

    1. I'm looking for a diaper that will hold a medium to heavy amount of liquid with better than average tapes. I have M4s, Bambinos, Dry 24/7s, and X-Pluses and an assortment of boosters and plastic pants.

    Here's what I was thinking:

    I can rule out the Bambinos right away because the tapes ALWAYS rip on me.

    I find the Dry 24/7s to be too bulky, and the M4 is not a lightweight either.

    I was thinking of going with a Molicare with a booster and plastic pants.

    Does anybody have any experience wearing a diaper in winter during physical activities, if so, how was it?

    2. What happens to a diaper with urine when it gets really cold? Does it get uncomfortable after a while?

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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